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Mary Lynn Evans was in her element when an Alpharetta family asked her to help with their interior design. It was all about the blue! The owner of MLM Design Inc, Mary Lynn often finds herself drawn to hues that complement the outdoors, so to choose elements around the client's love of all things blue and green was easy breezy. 

"This particular client wanted a traditional design that was infused with color," says Mary Lynn. "This house gets great natural light, so we used soft colors on the furnishings and added color in accents.  Also, her husband and sons are all at least 6’4” so she needed furniture that would fit them comfortably." They chose the extra-deep Jacob sofa from the Ellenburg Chair Company, based in Buckhead. "They can lie down and watch TV without having to bend their legs!"

We asked Mary Lynn about her favorite elements of this and recent projects around Johns Creek.

Wallpaper adds wonderful texture and pattern to the walls, while also protecting them from fingerprints and other wear and tear, because it’s wipeable. We used wallpaper in the back of these built-in bookcases to add some pattern to the room that felt a little cold due to the white walls.

Fabric is often the inspiration for the design concept, and can be the central design element of the room as well as adding the necessary softness each room requires to convey comfort and coziness. There are so many great choices now with performance fabrics, that you can find all sorts of fabrics that suit your needs for both upholstery and drapery.

Proportions are keyProper proportions in the furniture as well as the design of the house create a comfortable living environment. Careful consideration of space planning can eliminate oversized furniture and allow for appropriate conversation areas.

Millwork is a detail that is often overlooked. It's definitely a luxury as far as budget, but carefully selected cabinetry, ceiling treatments, built-ins, and wall boards can define a room while simultaneously adding interest. The paint treatment on these elements can make them shine even more.  

Rugs can infuse spaces with warmth and energy. Dining rooms and hallways, typically pretty boring, can be brought to life with beautiful rugs! Turkish rugs are my personal favorite for their aged look and warmth.   

Mary Lynn believes a home is an expression of the family who lives there. "It's all about curating, curating, curating! Our design team pulls together furniture, fabrics, accents, and wallpapers (among others) from multiple sources to create a one-of-a-kind look for each client. We love to blend color and pattern with both traditional and modern pieces, and we love art and antiques."

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