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Jonas Leupe

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“Homes of Tomorrow"

The Chicago 1933 World’s Fair featured model homes with creative ideas for how architects believed we’d live in the not-so-distant future.

Article by Showcase Properties of Central Florida

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Originally published in Gainesville City Lifestyle

A machine that washed dishes for you! Central air and heat, garage doors that opened at the tap of a button! In a George Jetson flash of novelty, one house had its own helipad/airplane hangar, because of course we’d switch from automobiles to our own aircraft. There were even robots running around, interacting with the public, and scientists posited that one day we’d be able to simply tell our houses to turn the lights on or lock the doors.

We haven’t quite reached the Jetson standard – no flying cars yet – but interactive systems and AI have advanced with stunning momentum, making that talking house a lot more accessible. Rosey the robot housekeeper is a ways off, but in the meantime, we do have Alexa.

The Smart Home descends from its 1933 predecessor; technology is increasingly coded into the bones of our homes, from security systems to gadgets, entertainment and appliances that we can mostly operate from a phone or device, often with voice commands.

Home and Hearth

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on the best options to outfit your entire home, from security lights and cameras to thermostat and entertainment/sound systems, check out PC’s Best Smart Home Devices for 2022:


For the gadget geek in everyone, a kitchen full of intuitive, interactive house-elves is a dream made reality. Digital Trends compiled a thorough list of everything from sous vide cookers and microwaves, to refrigerators that could double as the bridge of the USS Enterprise:

Go Big and Go Home

Want to shake it all up and give your entire home a Smart makeover, or maybe your office? You might have some questions. Smart Offices and Smart Homes has answers:

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