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Blueville Nursery's Landscape Design service can enhance your home unlike anything else

Surveying his unkempt backyard, John's frown deepened. Neglected by winter's end, the once-vibrant landscape now resembled a wild jungle. Overwhelmed, he sought professional help, dialing Blueville Nursery, Manhattan's renowned landscaping service. A reassuring voice offered a landscape design consultation, sparking hope for a revitalized yard. John eagerly scheduled, envisioning a transformed outdoor haven for the upcoming summer.

This is a scenario that has played out many times in Blueville Nursery’s six decade plus history. For Manhattan’s oldest, full-service landscaping company, it’s just another day at the office.

A dedicated team of four professionals—Pete Reid, Dan Russell, Tim Sharp, and Derek deBoer—spring into action once an initial design consultation call is received. Initiating the process with scheduling an appointment, they conduct a thorough site visit. This visit holds significant importance in obtaining a clear understanding of the project, and it serves as an excellent opportunity to gather the customer's preferences and opinions. Frequently, clients may not be entirely certain about what they are envisioning.

Projects are invariably influenced by the underlying architecture of the home. Whether it's a modern, contemporary, ranch-style, or any other variant, landscape designs are intended to harmonize with the architectural features of the building. For instance, landscape designs for classic Victorian or Colonial-style homes pay homage to the respective era, ensuring a seamless integration that doesn't clash with the original architecture. This careful consideration fosters an atmosphere that is both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, steering clear of any discomfort.

Consider, for instance, a contemporary home, characterized by its architecture featuring clean lines and minimalist decorations, adhering to current design trends. Recently, there has been a noticeable shift away from warm colors, tans, and browns, with a growing preference for grays and whites, complemented by black trim. The traditional trend, characterized by warmer hues, contrasts with the emerging preference for cooler tones, particularly shades of gray. This shift is evident in both newer construction neighborhoods and renovation projects, affirming the prevalence of the latest trend in modern home aesthetics.

Once more, aligning with the home's architecture, landscaping has consistently mirrored prevailing trends. Landscape trends typically undergo shifts approximately every five years, even though the landscapes themselves often endure for longer periods. It is deemed reasonable that a complete overhaul of the landscape may be warranted every five to ten years. Homeowners may find it necessary to refresh their outdoor spaces due to plants becoming overgrown, the emergence of new trends, or perhaps when the property changes ownership, prompting upgrades for enhanced curb appeal. It is at this point that the genuine expertise of Blueville Nursery's landscape design team truly shines.

During the site visit, the team initiates their assessment by thoroughly examining the architecture of the entire project, encompassing not only the building, but the entire yard. In certain cases, grade changes and retaining walls may prove necessary, and their incorporation might be recommended to optimize the project. The team also explores additional possibilities the site may present. Depending on the circumstances, the plant palette may be curated for shade-tolerant plants, or the vision may lean towards the creation of a woodland garden. From hardscapes to softscapes, the possibilities are endless.

To enhance understanding, the team proactively engages the customer with targeted questions, encouraging them to articulate specific requirements, such as their desire for additional living space and play areas. The objective is to delve deeper into their needs and preferences. Leveraging the wealth of examples available on the internet, they encourage clients to share specific instances that resonate with their vision. This collaborative approach aims to ensure satisfaction for all parties involved by the project's completion.

Upon the conclusion of the evaluation and incorporation of the customer's input, the design team initiates the process of bringing the vision to life from the ground up. Beginning with the site information, they integrate all existing features into their software and then proceed to implement the customer's desired elements.

When it comes to budget, discussions are deferred until later stages, allowing the team to prioritize delivering the best value during the initial meetings. Customers, initially seeking optimal value, may not have a clear idea of a realistic landscaping budget. Blueville takes on the responsibility of proposing a value-driven plan, around which clients can then formulate their budget.

Upon revisiting projects or when clients are ready to proceed, the team presents a two-dimensional landscape plan, shareable via email or provided as a full-scale print for notetaking. Furthermore, they possess the capability to generate 3D renderings using tools like Google SketchUp.

Once the plans are finalized, the project is scheduled and added to the calendar. Given Blueville's consistently busy schedule, new projects are typically planned for the upcoming season or the one thereafter. Following the scheduling, a deposit is made, and meticulous planning ensues the gathering of materials. Customers receive advance notice a few days before the project begins, and utility locates are completed. The design team collaborates with landscape install supervisors, conducting a thorough review of the plans. This involves scrutinizing the material list, ensuring all necessary items are present, and obtaining any missing components. Subsequently, the team breaks ground and prepares for the commencement of the project.

After breaking ground, Derrick Funk, Blueville Nursery's Operations Manager, collaborates with the installation landscape supervisors to ensure seamless coordination and the execution of the planned tasks. Employing the Trello app, Blueville has efficiently streamlined their communication process, enhancing efficiency from project initiation to completion.

Following a comprehensive quality control review, the team conducts a meeting with the customer to verify that the job meets their expectations. Upon confirmation, the necessary paperwork and invoicing are finalized, marking the successful completion of the project.

Each project completed by Blueville Nursery carries a warranty period, largely based off season. Beyond the project, Blueville has a full-line maintenance division. Offering mowing, fertilization, pest control, weed control and irrigation services, they can take care of your yard long after they have finished the project.

Blueville Nursery's landscape design team offers unparalleled expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. With a proven track record of transforming spaces into breathtaking environments, their team combines artistic vision with horticultural knowledge to craft personalized landscapes that exceed expectations. They really do beautify your neighborhood, one yard at a time!

"We're a full-service landscape company. We can provide everything from start to finish; from design to implementation" - Derek deBoer

"The creativity of designing beautiful outdoor spaces at Blueville Nursery brings joy and fulfillment. We get to help create wonderful environments for clients to enjoy" - Derek deBoer

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