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Drawing is Magic

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Curiously Crafty Books

Literary Snow Day (or Sick Day) Entertainment

The Curious Reader bookstore in downtown Glen Rock is an independent, family-owned children's bookstore that specializes in unique books for everyone. The store connects with kids through the books that they read…a magic that online retailers simply cannot achieve. Visit store manager, Chris Lutz to find literary delights for all the kids!

Greek Myths and Mazes by Jan Bajtlik

Awesome, beautifully detailed mazes based on Greek mythology that you can practically climb into. An excellent introduction to mythological stories.

United Tastes of America by Gabrielle Langholtz

This cookbook takes you on a tour of the USA by featuring a dish from each state and showing you how to make it. Plus, it's published by Phaidon so it's very pretty to look at. Get this book as proof that you can make just about anything better by associating it with food.

Drawing Is Magic by John Hendrix

Not a new book, but good for someone who wants something to doodle in. There are a lot of guided sketchbooks, but not many as fun and charming as this one. Great ideas to get the creative juices flowing are all tied together with Hendrix's funky illustrations.

Unicorns Sticker Book by Fiona Watt

Sticker books are huge, unicorns are huge--so together you've got an activity that EVERYONE loves. This is an Usborne activity book and they know how to make something fun and eye-catching. This is a great antidote to boredom that appeals to a very wide age-range. A customer favorite for a good reason!

The Curious Reader 
229 Rock Road, Glen Rock 201.444.1918

  • Greek Myths and Mazes
  • United Tastes of America
  • Unicorns Sticker Book
  • Drawing is Magic