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Captivating Custom Cabinetry

Owner/Designer Of KitchenWorks Cites Trends For Cupboards, Closets, Compartments

Responsive customer service done with quality workmanship and products to deliver lasting value is the mission of KitchenWorks Cabinetry & Design professionals.

From an Earth City base, KitchenWorks owner Joe Knichel says he provides designs for brand-new cabinetry options for kitchens, bathrooms, islands, bars, laundry rooms, home offices, entertainment centers, bookshelves and basements, through semi-custom and custom products. By partnering with skilled carpenters and cabinetmakers, including new construction builders, he says they handle all aspects ranging from auto cad design services, finish carpentry, custom built cabinetry and finish painting.

KitchenWorks teams service customers throughout St. Charles and St. Louis counties as well as surrounding areas. 

City Lifestyle asked Joe about current trends in cabinet-related uses, colors, ambiance and overall project goals. 

Regarding cabinet-related uses for certain rooms that homeowners spend more time in, such as kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment areas, Joe says he asks clients a series of questions about how they will maneuver in the new space and how long they plan to live at the residence, which goes toward decisions about personal preferences versus return on the investments. 

"In our in-home first meeting about kitchens, it's important to establish whether homeowners are left- or right-handed, for example, so I can determine which is the best side to place a sink and to which side we'll deliberately place some of the most reached for tools and spaces," he explains, aided by the fact he, too, likes to cook. 

He says many people are opting to remake built-in, dedicated desk areas in or near kitchens into coffee bars, along with storing charging stations, keys and mail. Sometimes, those same spaces or pantry portions can be converted into convenient wine areas. 

After Joe takes measurements, he says he then can collaborate with clients about what's actually possible due to space restrictions or expansions. "That's also when we discuss the possibility of other features like spice or trash pullouts."

Especially in bathrooms, creative additions for helpful uses presently include vanity docking drawers or canisters with heat shields in which hair dryers and curling irons can be kept safely plugged in when turned off. "We can incorporate other tools for great organization of beauty products, too," Joe says.

"No more cluttered vanities, and it can free up receptacles for other uses."

For popular colors, Joe says light greens, sapphire blues and dark midnight hues are currently being incorporated into kitchen cabinets and accessories. "Right now, it's often about how décor colors make people feel. Wood tones are back, and grays are slowly easing out of kitchens. Dark colors are used for coffee bars and basement bars," Joe adds. 

He says each wood species accepts stain differently. So, because they work with custom finishes, they often can identify similar shades that fit various budget ranges. 

White is still a popular anchor color for bathrooms, to give a fresh, clean look, he says. "All-white cabinets are very forgiving. They help make the space look light and bright, which can jumpstart good moods in the mornings. It also makes the overall room appear bigger."

This year, Joe says clients are pairing white cabinets with accents or household items of lighter greens and blues. 

Joe has been in the cabinetry business for 15 years, so he says he understands the design process for any client is a very visual aspect and why it's essential for him to incorporate higher-end features that clients expect, such as soft-close cabinet hinges. "That's why I do 3D renderings to show accessories, how other parts will fit together and in which ways the space will be user-friendly."


KitchenWorks owner Joe Knichel says he likes to think of their custom cabinetry services as delivering beauty and functionality to customers' homes. He offers complimentary quotes. He adds he and his team are known for the reliability of their products, their innovative designs, flexible product offerings and exceeding customers' expectations.