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Debbie works with clients to create a look unique to them.

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Affordable Custom Clothing for Men

J. Hilburn gives men options from casual to formal

Article by Hann Livingston

Photography by Astri Wee

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

Most men only think "custom" when it comes to suits and shirts, but designer J.Hilburn breaks bespoke clothing out of the boardroom and into everyday life. Think great fitting, quality clothing, personalized to your style on the golf course, at the pool, for nights on the town, and for weekend getaways.

Now, imagine working with a local personal stylist who can walk you through hundreds of style options to create exactly what you need for every season. Fabric type and pattern, button color, stitch color, collar style, contrast fabrics for cuffs and collars -- it doesn't have to make your head swim. 

"There aren't a lot of places to shop for men anymore," says Debbie Whitfield, my independent stylist for J.Hilburn. "Add to that, most off-the-rack clothing neither fits properly or represents the style of the customer. We offer more options, with better quality and fit for a price-point that is comparable to, and in some cases less than, what you'd find in a store."

Started in 2007, J.Hilburn was founded on the premise that a custom-made experience should be accessible to everyone. By bypassing retail stores and working through independent stylists like Debbie, the company can offer the finest fabrics from top mills (Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Thomas Mason, Albini and Ratti, to name a few) at lower cost than what you'd expect. The fabrics and styles are both evergreen and seasonal so there are always new fabrics and styles to choose from.

My journey began with a free initial consultation. Debbie brought a rolling suitcase full of fabric and button options and we chatted about my style and what I'm comfortable wearing. I went home, downloaded the J.Hilburn Virtual Measuring App, and took my measurements with my phone. Then I scheduled another meeting at Debbie's office, where she double-checked my figures and we went to work designing my look. Debbie had pulled together a few suggestions for fabrics based on our initial consultation. The outfits she created were like small encapsulated wardrobes based on 6 garments that can be mixed or matched to wear for a variety of occasions. “I like to create style boards to show the client the various looks he can make with the clothes we've picked out," Debbie explains.

Having selected fabrics, we used the new J.Hilburn online 3-D shirt configurator to walk through various style options. It was so helpful to be able to see what the finished garment would look like! Once I finalized my selection, Debbie placed the order, and the factory created every garment to my personal specifications and delivered them to my door.

“It’s a very exciting time right now! Our business is growing quickly and I am looking for new team members who can help,” says Debbie. “Combining the convenience of online shopping with the expertise of a personal stylist, plus the top-line quality and fit of a high-end custom tailor makes shopping fun and easy, which, let’s face it, most men want!"

Contact Debbie at or visit her page at and browse the selections. Thanks to Catoctin Creek Distillery for providing the perfect setting to show off the wardrobe. 

  • Jacket is Vitale Barberis Canonico. Shirt is Canclini.
  • Debbie works with clients to create a look unique to them.
  • Details like stitching around the 4th jacket button hole are key to the process.
  • Quarter zip is a soft blue interlock jersey. Chinos are chalk 4-way stretch. Shirt is from Somelos mill.
  • The 5-pocket pants are very popular and made from navy jersey material.
  • Debbie ensures the right fit.
  • So many styles can be created from a few coordinated pieces.