Make a Splash in Your Backyard!

With Custom Pools

“Oh! You have a swimming pool!” This is the most enthusiastic compliment that you can receive from someone just seeing your home for the first time. Having free access to your own private body of water is even more satisfying than showing it off. And if you have kids, then watching them forget what video games and the internet are as they dart in and out of your pool like crazed ducklings truly beats all.

“We have come a long way from the standard 20’x40’ diving pools that used to dominate Minnesotan backyards,” said Aaron Lutz of Custom Pools. “Modern swimming pools are far more aesthetically pleasing, and act more as an extension of a home’s architecture than some interruption to it. 

“People are abandoning obtrusive slides and diving boards in favor of elegant pools that seamlessly blend in with the lines of their backyards. Swim out shelves are replacing ladders as a prettier and easier way to get in and out. Sport pools have become especially popular, as without a deep end they let people enjoy more activities like volleyball and basketball.

“Water features are increasingly popular as well. With options to include a spillway that provides a continuous waterfall in your backyard, or Deck Jets that create an effect like you’d expect to see outside of the Bellagio, your pool can become a focal point in addition to a place to hang out during the summer.

“What we’re doing with lighting is even more exciting. MicroBrite lighting gives a homeowner total control over the ambiance their pool creates at nighttime. And while it’s not visible, the addition of a UV light to a pool filtration system dramatically reduces the need for chlorine.”

Custom Pools has served the Twin Cities since 1968. With headquarters in Hopkins and Rogers, the second generation family-owned company offers everything you need to enjoy an immaculate swimming pool that perfectly complements your home. You may learn more at

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