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Custom Suits in OKC

Writer learns the benefits of a custom-designed suit

Article by Peter Levinson

Photography by Peter Levinson

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

Over the years, I've had several custom suits made by different companies. My favorite company to work with is an Oklahoma City-based store, The Wardrobe Modern Menswear, where a custom suit can bring to mind a smartly-dressed Agent 007 – James Bond.

That is the feeling a custom suit gives you.

Opening in 2016, the owner Rohit Mahbubani is a second-generation haberdasher.

When designing a suit, Rohit gets as excited about creating the suit as you do, noting that “each custom suit has the potential to be a work of art.”

Specialization is the name of the game, from piping to pockets.

But don't feel overwhelmed.  With his passion and knowledge, Rohit knows his suits. He will guide you though the process.

Beyond the fashionable or tame design, each suit is tailored to fit perfectly, so even a "plain" design will stand apart.

Every person has a unique posture; when taking measurements, photos are taken and sent to the tailors to ensure not only does the suit fit in size as it's supposed to but contours with your body posture and stance. 

Rohit's customers often request a custom suit for a wedding.

Rohit designed a suit for me for a wedding I officiated and my daughter's upcoming wedding.

Each suit is designed with the ability to be worn daily for work and styled differently for any occasion. 

Visit The Wardrobe because once you own a custom suit, you will be hard pressed to want to invest in anything but for your wardrobe.

The Wardrobe Modern Menswear is located in North Oklahoma City at 2229 NW 138th St, Suite J.

  • Nathan gets a custom-fit suit at The Wardrobe.
  • Looking for patterns that are appealing and attractive.
  • Rohit Mahbubani is a second-generation haberdasher at The Wardrobe.
  • Getting measured at The Wardrobe.
  • Rohit Mahbubani.
  • Various suits available at The Wardrobe.
  • A suit rack demonstrates what is available at The Wardrobe.
  • Custom shoes at The Wardrobe.
  • Nathan gets measured at The Wardrobe by Rohit.
  • Nathan is pleased with the results.

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