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Bread & Butter Neighborhood Market Brings Local Food Downtown

Nestled in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, on the corner of Nevada and Moreno Avenue, is a little honey-colored building. Big, bold letters on the side of the city’s latest local treasure read: “Bread & Butter Neighborhood Market.”

Fearlessly opening its doors amidst the pandemic in 2020, the visionaries for this petite one-stop shop were anything but deterred, and in return, this market has made a big impact on the surrounding community. 

Food = Community

“Everyone needs food! That's really what it comes down to,” explain owners and Colorado locals, Stacy Poore and Aubrey Day. “We believe that community happens around food, and our goal is for our neighborhood market to not only offer food but to foster community in a number of ways.”

At Bread & Butter, the shop owners are proud not only to provide a convenient place to grocery shop, but also create a community-centric space where people can come together.

Open 7 days a week, from 7 am to 9 pm, Bread & Butter is everything you’d hope a neighborhood market to be. Along with providing locally sourced goods and an expanse of grocery items, Bread & Butter also has a connected liquor shop, where you can shop wine, brews and spirits.

“People are often surprised at the breadth and width of what we offer; and combined with the size and location of the market, it’s convenient to pop in and out without any hassle,” the ladies explain. 

Customer Service + Local Products

What really makes Bread & Butter Neighborhood Market a true embodiment of its name’s sake, is the outstanding customer service and commitment to local products.

“Our core values are exceptional customer service, reliability and convenience,” they continue. “Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and that's the compliment we hear most often in reviews of our store,”

You’ll often find Stacy and Aubrey working in the store, stocking shelves, and washing windows. Many are also surprised to know that one of the owners is on-site at almost any given time, assisting customers and even taking product requests or suggestions.

“Fundamentally, we are working really hard to bring quality food, wine, and spirits to an area that was desperately in need of it. We want everyone to feel welcome and invited and to enjoy shopping at Bread & Butter.”

Whether you need to grab a fresh lunch on the go, ingredients for dinner, or a bottle of wine, Bread & Butter is the perfect one-stop shop. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll be sure to grab a cookie on your way out.  

Facebook + Instagram: @breadbuttercos

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