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Personalized Dental Treatment At Its Best

Taking The Stress Out Of Your Oral Care

Article by Theo Mioduski, III, DDS, PC

Photography by Implant & General Dentistry of Northern Colorado

Originally published in Loveland & South Lifestyle

Implant & General Dentistry of Northern Colorado (IGDNC) has been treating patient’s dental health needs for over 36 years. Drs. Nicole Ferrara, DDS, Theo Mioduski, III, DDS, and Ryan Olson, DDS, make it their goal each day to treat each and every patient as an individual with unique needs and goals. The mission of their practice was originally set forth by the founder of IGDNC, Dr. Ted Mioduski, Jr., DDS, in the late 1980’s. The mission he set forth remains to this day: “Treat patients with the highest quality of comprehensive dental care available, and help patients reach their goals for optimal oral health with education and individually tailored treatment.” That being said, the doctors at IGDNC recognize the need for a variety of approaches when discussing and planning an individuals’ goals for treatment. Some patients are looking to get out of dental or TMJ (jaw) pain. Others want to overcome their extreme fear of visiting a dental office, while some would just like to improve their smile. The doctors at IGDNC have undergone years of extensive training and education to be able to appropriately treat each of these aspects, and many more.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

Fear of the dental experience has been demonstrated to be one of the most significant barriers to the delivery of quality dental care. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sedation dentistry at IGDNC can allow a patient to virtually sleep through their dental procedures. This treatment option may help those with dental fears turn multiple appointments into very few, and can even be helpful for patients who have difficulty with local anesthesia (“getting numb”). Sedation dentistry can be a great option for helping patients overcome their fears of dentistry. It can be utilized for nearly all procedures from basic cleanings on up to complex dental implant surgeries and beyond.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)The TMJ ( jaw joint) acts as somewhat of a hinge joint. However, “dysfunction” in the joint, called TMD, can cause severe pain and limited movement. The MLS Laser, used by Dr. Nicole Ferrara and staff, is a “Homogenous Synchronized Diode Laser” that is intended to provide topical heat for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for the relief of muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm. It works by increasing blood flow and oxygen at the cell level to accelerate the healing process. Overall the patient gets increased cellular repair, muscle relaxation and analgesia. Another treatment modality Dr. Ferrara uses on her patients is custom therapeutic oral appliances. These splints work to correctly align the upper and lower jaw bones and joints, allowing the TMJ to function in a balanced neuromuscular state.

Esthetic dentistry

Esthetic dentistry is another subspecialty at Implant & General Dentistry of Northern Colorado which their doctors excel at. Often, even making very subtle changes to an individual’s smile can produce immediate and stunning outcomes. Patients can see instant results which can boost confidence, and improve their self-image. The process for planning and delivering these results is something the doctors at IGDNC engage in with great care. They spend time listening to the patient, developing a “blueprint” for the plan, and methodically carry out the treatment with the patients’ overall goals in mind.

For more information about Implant & General Dentistry of Northern Colorado please visit their website at, or call 970-663-1000. New patients are always welcome.