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Make a Lifestyle Change with Local Celebrity + Author Lance Alexander

Lance Alexander knows all about making big life changes. At 12 years old, he set a goal to be an actor and left his hometown of West Chester for Hollywood. There, he made his dreams come true as a teen star, acting in national commercials and Netflix’s Family Reunion. As an older teen, Lance wanted to make another big change. So, he did what he does best: he made things happen. Lance shares his journey of transformation in his inspiring book, From Junk to Hunk

Lance’s book outlines a 4-step method that helped him meet his fitness goals and lose nearly 70 pounds while overcoming an internal battle he’d been fighting for much of his childhood. 

“After nearly 20 attempts to start this journey over and over again, I made a mindset change and called myself out to finally change this problem I had,” Lance shares. “I set realistic goals for myself and took it one step at a time. Taking small steps, making small changes—like a 1% effort toward your goal every single day—eventually helps you accomplish it,” he advises.

“It’s a universal message: clear the ‘junk’ out of your life, which is anything negative or toxic to you that's holding you back from your goal. When you clean out that ‘junk,’ you can transform into a ‘hunk,’ which is a stronger, better version of you,” he adds. 

Lance cleared the “junk” of his world by reducing toxic scrolling on social media and surrounded himself with supportive, like-minded friends. 

When he posted his transformation on social media, Lance received an overwhelming response from fans, many of them asking for tips to meet their own health goals. The idea for a book grew from replying to those many messages with encouraging words and advice. 

“I knew exactly what these people were going through, but just couldn’t respond to everybody that had questions. The light bulb went off, and I was like, ‘I really need to write this information down,’” he says. “Going From Junk to Hunk is a transformation that anyone can make,” Lance emphasizes. “It not only applies to young people in physical health but fits any goals.” 

Lance is taking his experience on the road, inspiring young people across the country to join the From Junk to Hunk movement. Last fall he kicked off a book tour with a visit to the Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty

“I wanted to give back here first,” he says of the local visit.

Lance has been volunteering with Boys & Girls Clubs since he was 13 years old.

“I want to convey to these kids that healthy is the new cool—being the best version of you, the strongest version of you that you can be proud of—and putting your best foot forward is an investment in you,” says Lance. 

“Going From Junk to Hunk is a transformation that anyone can make,” Lance emphasizes. “It not only applies to young people in physical health but fits any goals.” 

The incredible journey of Lance Alexander continues as he follows his heart to overall wellness and happiness, acting, writing and studying toward a journalism degree. We can’t wait to see what this son of West Chester will make happen next. 

Join the Movement

Ready to make a change? From Junk to Hunk, is a step-by-step workbook to transformation. Make a pledge online and mention Lifestyle to be entered in a raffle to win a free book.

Lance’s IDEC Method

Achieve your goals with Lance’s four-step plan of action:

  • Identify what is holding you back. What change do you want to make?

  • Determine your “why.” Why is this change important to me?

  • Examine your “how.” Set measurable goals.

  • Clear out the “junk.” Eliminate the negativity + toxins from your life.

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