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Cut The Small Talk

Pull up a chair. Talk to strangers. | Meet Folx Table. Nashville's first sit down social network.

Article by Morgan Raum

Photography by Bethany Reed, Warner Tidwell Photographer, KT Sura Photography, SkyQuajus Turner Photography

Originally published in Music City City Lifestyle

Known nowadays as the Sit-Down Social Network, the idea of Folx Table is
simple: to pull up a chair, talk to strangers, and connect to something. All across
Music City, guests are invited to ‘pull up a chair’ by buying tickets to join tables of
six strangers - yes, complete strangers - at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars all
across Nashville.

“It started with parties in my attic,” Emma McCallie, founder and CEO shares. “I
invited some friends over and told them to invite their friends. It was a small space,
and we played by my silly, goofy rules - which started with ‘no work, no weather’
talk. Instead, I came up with conversation-provoking questions for the table. Those
were the humble beginnings of all the spontaneous, delightful, authentic
interactions between the 300-some-odd people who came through. So many
connections started in that attic— by talking to strangers— and Folx Table was

The whole concept of talking to strangers is the driving force for Folx Table; While
the idea of conversing with people we don’t know may sound daunting to many,
stepping out of our comfort zones and encouraging ourselves and our peers to do
something out of the ordinary can often result in the greatest memories and
experiences. At Folx Table, tablemates cut through the small talk with novel
question prompts - both silly and vulnerable. With questions ranging from ‘What do
you think the status of my ‘junk drawer’ is?’ to ‘What’s the greatest lesson you’ve
never learned?’, those who attend these events are greeted with meaningful and
intentional conversations - and through it all, you connect to something. Folx make
friends, folx open up, and folx learn something about themselves.

Folx Table is waging a war on small talk and icebreakers. It's not a member’s
club, or a dinner club, nor a dating app - they truly believe people meet better in
person and set a clear expectation of finding friends first - believing people can
form connections across all kinds of differences. Ultimately, the idea of talking to
strangers represents the spirit of Folx Table because talking to strangers shouldn’t
just happen at dinner outings or cocktail parties - it’s a new posture toward
exploring connection in your life, wherever you are in the world. That’s how big
they know this message is, and that’s why it drives everything they do.

“We’re constantly amazed by how quickly strangers share daydreams, life paths,
lessons learned, and the real stuff of life when you give them a mic. We’ve built a
brand and a program that allows anyone to show up with the intention of bringing
their full selves,” says Emma McCallie, Founder and CEO. “Folx Table has set the
new standard for connection and conversation.”

As is true for any startup, Folx Table is led by a lean team. Working to create more
connected lives, friends Emma McCallie (Founder & CEO), Dallas Condra (COO),
and Garrett Mireles (CMO) recently celebrated Folx Table’s first year at SXSW
and are moving thoughtfully to scale. Over the summer, more Nashvillians will
have the opportunity on any given night to talk to strangers, and the team is staying
focused on pulling up more chairs for Folx to connect, looking forward to a full
Fall launch. In the meantime, you can subscribe to their newsletter, check out the
website, follow their Instagram or TikTok (@folx.table) for the latest tickets, events,
surprises, and delights.

We’re constantly amazed by how quickly strangers share daydreams, life paths,
lessons learned, and the real stuff of life...

  • Bethany Reed
  • Bethany Reed
  • Warner Tidwell Photographer
  • KT Sura Photography