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Cute + Clean Recycling Bins


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

One of my biggest grievances about recycling is finding a place to put it. I try to save it up for a little while so I'm not constantly making trips to the recycling bin (unlike you lucky ducks who get it picked up from your driveway!), so I need a good place to store it. I also have to divide it into cardboard, plastic and glass, because not all places accept all types of recycling. My apartment building takes cardboard and plastic, but I have to drive somewhere else for my glass recycling, so I need something easy to take in and out of my car.

Do you have a laundry list of requirements for your recycling storage like I do? If so, here are some great options I have found online. Some are better aesthetically, and some are just more convenient. Pick out what's right for you and put your recycling woes to rest.

Rebin | MoMA Design Store

"Recycle in style. This modern kitchen bin, made in Vermont from 100% recycled plastic, can be used with a paper grocery bag liner. An easy, clean, sustainable recycling experience."

Treela Plastic 4.5 Gallon Open Recycling Bin | Wayfair

"Measuring 10 inches in diameter and 14 ½ inches tall, Treela is easy to move around and will look good anywhere its placed. With a generous 4.5 gallon (18L) capacity, Treela is both compacts in size but has lots of room to hold your waste or recycling. Treela's versatile and stylish touch makes it easy to fit in with any space. Great for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and more."

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Charleston Seagrass Sorting Basket | Pottery Barn

"Handcrafted of seagrass, each basket in our Charleston Collection exhibits the variegated hues of the natural fibers highlighted with a cool gray wash. The recycling basket’s three compartments make sorting simpler, and cut-out handles and casters let you easily roll it to where you need it most."

Totem Compact Trash Can | MoMA Design Store

"Kitchen waste and recycling coexist in this clever stainless steel Totem Compact Trash Can designed for smaller, urban kitchens. With two vertically stacked, 20-liter compartments, it makes the most of small spaces. The Totem Compact Trash Can incorporates odor control with replaceable activated carbon filters, removable bins with composting caddy, liner-retaining holes and carrier bag hooks."

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Helene Bureau Waste Recycling Organizer Anthracite | Poubelle

"Waste sorting bin for office with 2 compartments and 1 for cups and / or cans. Very compact and space saving. Easy to clean. Does not rust. Shockproof."

26 Gallon Multi-Compartments Trash + Recycling Bin | Wayfair

"Made in Texas from weathered “barn wood” allowing the product to maintain its rustic look for years to come. Each trash/recycling can is lightly sanded for a clean smooth look. This double trash/recycling bin has two separate compartments. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor area. Great for holding any other items including, dog food, charcoal, etc."

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