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Every Business Needs Cyber Security

Let CyberNik Systems help with their innovative cyber security solutions

Every business that uses the Internet has responsibility for a cybersecurity strategy that will enhance business and consumer confidence. Theft of digital information has become the most reported fraud – now exceeding theft of physical property.  There are a few free resources and tools available to get you started. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offers a one-page Cybersecurity Tip Sheet that includes these recommendations that you can implement immediately:

1. Train employees in security principles

Establish basic security practices and policies for employees, such as requiring strong passwords, and establish appropriate Internet use guidelines that detail penalties for violating company cybersecurity policies.  Require employees to use unique passwords and change passwords every three months. Consider implementing multi-factor authentication that requires additional information beyond a password to gain entry.

2. Protect information, computers, and networks from cyber attacks

Keep clean machines: having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are the best defenses against viruses, malware, and other online threats. Set antivirus software to run a scan after each update. Install other key software updates as soon as they are available.  Provide firewall security for your Internet connection to prevent outsiders from accessing data on a private network. If employees work from home, ensure that their home system(s) are protected by a firewall.

3.  Employ best practices on payment cards

Work with banks or processors to ensure the most trusted and validated tools and anti-fraud services are being used. You may also have additional security obligations pursuant to agreements with your bank or processor. Isolate payment systems from other, less secure programs and don't use the same computer to process payments and surf the Internet.  Establish rules of behavior describing how to handle and protect customer information and other vital data. 

Beyond implementing the basics, you may want to employ professional cybersecurity services. Now serving all of the Midlands, CyberNik Systems, LLC has over 18 years of experience providing comprehensive cybersecurity services at the Top-Secret clearance level for the U.S. Department of Defense.  Their experience includes securing IT systems for all branches of the military and a growing list of private corporations.  Services include cyber security assessments, cyber solutions architecture & design, risk management frameworks, innovative cloud security solutions, software development and incident response & handling. Find more information about real-world solutions at

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