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D Fin House

A home by Craig Steely

Located on the slopes above Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii. This unique home, designed by architect Craig Steely, reflects the classic 60's D fin surfboard. Steely is a California and Hawaii based architect. As he designs his homes, Steely describes his attempt to "embrace the realities of the environment and our separation/connection to it over the subjugation of it, all the while focusing on developing a singular architecture rooted in its context." The D Fin House grounds you in the mountain slope and then pushes your gaze to the ocean. One of Steely's goals is to "advance modernist ideas of indoor/outdoor living in a meaningful way by striving to connect to the outside in more than just a visual manner." The home seamlessly flows between the grounds and structure, effortlessly pulling you into the environment. As you move between the interior garden to the outdoor bathtub, the line between inside and outside fades.

In an interview with Rebecca Firestone, Steely described his creative process. "I have a sketchbook of ideas that are just waiting for a project to happen. The ideas can morph to suit the circumstances, and they get refined from one project to the next. I see the design as a holistic process. The entire project team gets excited about each new design." As you take in the D Fin House, the thought and passion are tangible and fill the project from floor to ceiling.

"Eight columns support a curved and exposed glue-laminated wood beam structure creating a 56 foot diameter steel clad wood and glass barrel. Rather than just framing the view, the round shape seemingly bends perspective and puts the occupant into the expansive view of the Kona coastline." The D Fin House was a way to explore how "pure geometric shapes relate to nature and view." For Steely, "good design comes down to proportion and balance on all levels: visual, intellectual, functional." This home is a manifestation of that philosophy.

Craig Steely received his degree from Cal Poly. He has lectured at the University of Hawaii and the University of California at Berkeley. His work has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects. 

The home seamlessly flows between the grounds and structure, effortlessly pulling you into the environment.