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Patriotic Tablescapes


Article by Meagan Eddy

Photography by Meagan Eddy

When hosting a holiday themed party or event it's all about the details. You do not have to go crazy and exhaust yourself. Buy staple pieces that can be used time and time again. Keeping the space bright and colorful is a sure way to impress your guests.

I love hosting. I find great joy in planning fun and festive get togethers. By adding a tablecloth and festive table decor you can bring any party to life.

With July 4th just right around the corner it’s time to start thinking how you want to celebrate. Are you planning something intimate or a big blow out? Either way think about how you want your party to look. I always start with a color story. For 4th of July we are going patriotic. Layering red, white, and blue throughout the tablescape. Some items are reusable while others disposable. That's the beauty of creating tablescapes is you mix and match what you have on hand with what you can easily find for cheap online or at your local stores.

I plan to do a backyard BBQ and dine in my Florida room. I have created a festive tablescape that I want to share with you. I used layers of red, white, and blue and wasn't afraid to mix and match. I’m really loving the variety of textures and patterns I used to represent the colors of the USA.

Also... Don't forget to make each party personal. My absolute favorite touch to this tablescape are the American flags for each guest! This not only dresses up the table, but gives everyone a fun prop for the day. That way everyone is engaged and having fun while celebrating our nation's independence.

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