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Sierra Nevada's New Beer, Dankful IPA


Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Grady McGill

What's better than a great beer? How about a great beer, like Sierra Nevada Brewery, that gives back to the community. Sierra Nevada, a Chico, CA., brewery, was founded in 1980 by Ken Grossman. Sierra has 28 different beers as well as seasonal beers such as the Octoberfest and Summerfest. 

I had their Craft Original Pale Ale and thought the taste was solid and fantastic. Another beer I also thought was exceptional was the Tropical Torpedo IPA beer. I like beers that have a good refreshing, fruity taste, and and this one sure does. I also find that tropical beers have a kick to it. Last but not least, I am now excited to try the brewery's new beer called the Dankful IPA, which is a hoppy IPA beer. 

Sierra Nevada's New Beer 

Sierra Nevada’s new beer is the Dankful IPA with a 7.4% ABV and features a mix of tropical fruit and also pine. That sounds good, doesn’t it! IPA beers are usually strong, so proceed with some caution. Here is some positive news! If you like IPAs or like trying a new beer, then this is the perfect beer to try.

A Brewery that Cares

Sierra Nevada Brewing is not just a brewery; it is devoted to helping the community. The company has pledged $1 million to wonderful nonprofit organizations through 2021. One of those helpful nonprofits is Second Helpings Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that fights food insecurity and brings meals to people and families in need. Cheers to that! The great news about the brewery is that it gives back to the community. In a time of great need, it’s a wonderful class act for Sierra Nevada Brewery to step up and do its part.

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