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D2 Built

A Business That Values Family And Community

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Courtney Mitchell

Originally published in Texoma City Lifestyle

Faith, family, friendships, and producing quality residential and commercial construction. Those are the values of D2 Built located in Sherman. 

Josh Downtain, co-owner of D2 Built, is a lifelong resident of the Texoma area. The business is family-owned where Josh works alongside his wife Madelyn, as well as his dad David and his wife, Tracey. The Downtains manage all aspects of the business from construction, design, bookkeeping, and project management. 

The company strives to have the same relationship with their customers. Josh says, “A construction project is where you build a relationship over the course of the project to meet the customers’ needs plus create strong friendships throughout the lengthy process.” D2 Built is committed to “fostering lasting relationships with our clients, making the experience just as enjoyable as the final result,” Josh continues. 

In addition, the D2 Built employees are also considered family. The team strives to provide a path for long-term growth and achieve success. Moreover, between David, Josh, and D2 Built’s foremen and project superintendent, the team has over a combined forty years experience in the industry. Josh says, “We have seasoned veterans with a rich history in construction bringing years of knowledge to ensure the highest standards in home building.” This is also useful with the remodeling branch of the business, another service provided by D2 Built. 

The experience and values are not just what sets D2 Built apart from others. It is the advanced cutting-edge technology. D2 Built is integrating “building science” into the entire construction process. They are leaders “exploring innovative framing techniques, insulation systems, and construction methodologies to stay ahead in the industry,” Josh notes. That means creating a holistic home using advanced frame wraps combined with modern HVAC systems to control air quality allowing only “good” air inside the home, ensuring a healthier household. 

D2 Built is a leader in home design utilizing current trends with a tailored, timeless style. They create spaces aligning with customer’s wishes that are everlasting yet contemporary. 

D2 Built has also become known for their projects in downtown Sherman. Josh says the goal there is to “honor the buildings’ history while introducing modern elements.” They are excited to preserve downtown Sherman.

The Downtain family have lived around Texoma most of their lives. Josh loves that Sherman still has a small community, country lifestyle but with big city benefits. He and his family enjoy spending time downtown and on the water at Lake Texoma. 

Supporting the community they love, the company sponsors area festivals and Little League teams. It is the D2 Built way - always focusing on faith, family, friendship.


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