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Epigenetics and Physical Therapy


Article by Jason Racca

Photography by Hope Gray

In the realm of health and wellness, the concept of epigenetics is changing our understanding of how genetics, environment, and lifestyle intertwine to shape our well-being. At R3 Physio, we often engage in enlightening discussions with our patients about this topic, especially when intriguing books like "Dirty Genes" catch their eye from our bookshelf.

Understanding Epigenetics

Epigenetics explores how our behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not alter your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body expresses or does not express those DNA sequences. This means that certain lifestyle factors can essentially "turn on" or "turn off" specific genes, influencing everything from autoimmune conditions to overall health.

Holistic Physical Therapy's Role

As a holistic physical therapy practice, R3 Physio integrates the principles of epigenetics into our treatment approach. We recognize that physical ailments, such as chronic pain or autoimmune diseases, might not just be a result of genetic predisposition but also of environmental and lifestyle factors. Through holistic PT, we aim to address these underlying causes, potentially altering the body's genetic expression for better health outcomes.

Visceral Manipulation and Nutrition

Visceral manipulation, a specialized form of manual therapy that focuses on the internal organs, plays a crucial role in our holistic approach. By ensuring that the organs move optimally (and therefore function more efficiently), we can improve the body's overall health and potentially influence epigenetic expressions related to various conditions.

Nutrition is another pivotal element. What we eat can significantly impact our epigenetic markers. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods, for example, can help in turning off genes that contribute to inflammation and autoimmune responses.

Empowering Through Knowledge

At R3 Physio, we empower our patients with knowledge about how their lifestyle choices can influence their genetic blueprint. By understanding the principles of epigenetics, individuals can take proactive steps towards a healthier life, potentially mitigating or even reversing the expression of detrimental genes.

Epigenetics offers a message of hope and empowerment: our health is not solely dictated by our DNA but is also significantly influenced by how we live our lives. Through holistic physical therapy, visceral manipulation, and mindful nutrition, we can all take active roles in shaping our health destiny.

For those intrigued by the possibility of rewriting their health narrative through epigenetics, R3 Physio stands ready to guide you on this transformative journey. Embrace the power within you to influence your genetic expression and unlock your full health potential.

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