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Article by Gabrielle White

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If you’re in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, then you know how hot it has been in recent weeks. Our best fix for a spicy summer season? A newly redesigned patio space of course! Whether you are looking to beat the heat with new cooling fixtures or embracing it with updated outdoor appliances - ML Interiors Group has you covered.

As much as summer vacations can be a must, sometimes those summers at home can be just as blissful. But if your space doesn’t give you the peace of mind you might find on a tropical island somewhere, then it’s time for the upgrade you (and your space) deserve. 

By utilizing natural textures and performance materials, your outdoor space will not only offer a cozy and organic environment, but withstand the ever-changing elements as well. And after servicing in the state of Texas for the last decade, we know the weather can sometimes be pretty brutal.

And yet - we also know the pay off can be worthwhile. Texas sunsets cannot be compared, and we want to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor space any time of the year. So give ML Interiors a call, and let’s get your next “Margarita Night” on the calendar!

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