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Tips To Get Your Heater in Tip-Top Shape


Article by Jason Fraser

Photography by Laurie Fraser

A common question our technicians at A&A Air get from our clients is, “How do I keep my heater in tip-top shape?” Most people are used to only worrying about their air conditioner, and rightfully so, considering that we live in Texas. But Texas can get crazy cold, too, and force our heaters to work double time to keep us toasty warm. 


The good news is that your heater should serve you and your family well for many years to come — provided that you take advantage of these suggestions and avoid common heater issues such as:


•    No hot hair flowing

•    Heater won’t turn on or stop running

•    Weird noises and the smell of gas

•    Dust in the air

•    High energy bills

•    Short cycles


4 Simple Ways to Get Your Heater in Tip-Top Shape


1. Preventative Maintenance — A preventative maintenance agreement with A&A Air keeps your system running as efficiently as possible, saving you energy. We can pinpoint and correct developing problems at the earliest, least expensive time before equipment fails. Over the life of your equipment, you will experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer disruptions. Even if you don’t suspect any problems with your heater, any HVAC professional near you will recommend having it inspected, serviced, and cleaned once before winter. Doing so ensures peak energy efficiency and optimal performance. More importantly, it’s your chance to address small problems now before they become expensive repairs later.


2. Watch for Symptoms of Heater Problems — There are several smaller signs that your heater isn’t in tip-top shape. This can include random cold spots in areas of your home that are normally warm, such as your bedroom or the dining room. Strange noises or a heater that seems to run a little louder than usual is another sign, as are higher utility bills and short cycling.


3. Change your air filters — We always preach this one action. And there’s a good reason why. When furnace filters are clean, they remove dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other particles to keep your home’s air clean and safe to breathe. They also ensure your heater can heat the air efficiently. When they’re clogged, they force the unit to work significantly harder. Generally, most air filter manufacturers, like General Electric, Filtrete, HEPA, and Honeywell, and HVAC companies, recommend changing your air filter every three months. But a lot of that depends on the size and quality of your air filter.


4. Check your pilot light — Every once in a while, check to see if your pilot light is burning blue by removing the furnace panel cover and looking inside. If it’s blue, all is well. If it isn’t burning at all, or it’s burning yellow or another color, your heater isn’t in tip-top shape. No one expects you to fix this issue on your own, but you need to call a heater repair guy as quickly as possible to fix this potentially dangerous issue. 


When you call A&A Air in Argyle, TX, for heater maintenance, you can expect us to take the following measures:

Fall/Winter Preventative Maintenance Checklist


•  Run and Test Furnace, Inspect Flue/Vent Pipe, Clean and Adjust Burners

•  Clean and Inspect Heat Exchangers, Inspect all Electronic Connections

•  Check for Gas Leaks, Clean Flame Sensor, Test Safety Controls

•  Lubricate all Motor Bearing as Needed, Clean Out Condensate Drain

•  Inspect Drain Pan, Change Filters, Clean Condenser Coils (HP)


Call A&A Air in Argyle, TX, Today to Help With Your Heater and Furnace Problems


It can be frustrating when your heater is on the fritz. It’s even more alarming when you know that HVAC companies in Lantana and surrounding communities are a dime a dozen but are often too busy to schedule your service call quickly. At A&A Air, we take your family’s comfort seriously. We know our job inside and out and respond promptly.


All you need to do is give us a call today!


We proudly serve Argyle, TX, and surrounding areas. You can email us at or call 972-951-1320.

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