Absolutely FaBulous 


Article by Khrystyna Iaroshenko

Photography by FaB lounge

I am so grateful for meeting the most beautiful souls on my life journey. Life is an amazing thing, that with every global change to your routing, bringing new people, that can give you so much. Fran is one of them, intelligent, fashionable, kind, travel educated, with outstanding taste. She and her partner Barbara are both inspiring women, that we all can learn from.

 What is FaB Lounge?

FaB Lounge is Fran and Barbara going out into the world to hand-pick and make quality/natural home goods, apparel, jewelry, and accessories. All items from our travels give you that delicious global culture vibe as you comfortably “Lounge” at home.

How did FaB Lounge start?

Fran had been looking for a business partner for several years ... since the breakup of her former, similar business ... but was never able to find the right “fit”. In the fall of 2019, in a conversation with Barbara, a professional photographer and world traveler in her friend group, the two bonded over their intense love of travel, India in particular, and the unearthing and creating of beautiful, meaningful objects to make our homes and lives more special. FaB Lounge was instantly born (although the name came a little later). FaB (an acronym for Fran And Barbara) partnered with “Lounge” (describing the type of goods and overall vibe) proved to be the perfect business name for their brand. All their merchandise is hand-picked or made with the idea of creating a spa-like, quality, comfy,  “lounge-y” global experience for their customer at home.

What is special about FaB Lounge?

Nothing pleases Fran and Barbara more than traveling to different countries and immersing themselves in foreign cultures. Getting to know the artisans and customs of a region is everything to them. FaB Lounge is special because while on their journeys, the owners hand pick every item with care in the markets, and get to know the craftspeople directly. There’s a personal connection with them, and the love invested in the process shows through in the merchandise.

Who is the FaB Lounge customer?

The Fab Lounge customer could be anyone interested in quality, comfortable goods, but they tend to be well traveled, educated women in their 30s to 60s who appreciate beautiful handmade home goods, accessories and apparel. Our biggest repeat customer is the “urban, artsy mommy.”

Check out the amazing stuff at fablounge.global or come to try and buy at 1650 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA

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