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Beauty Tips to Pass on to my Daughter


Article by dream style fiesta

Photography by dream style fiesta

Beauty tips that I will pass on to my daughter:

  • Wash your face with good cleanser or exfoliate with your favorite scrub according to your skin type. I will recommend her to use Buf-Puf sponge which is very gentle for the skin, once or twice a week.

Tips to select scrub: For oily skin, choose a gel-based scrub. If you have dry skin, pick a cream-based scrub. If you have sensitive skin, go for a scrub with super soft granules.

  • Homemade DIY masks have helped me to stay away from acne and dryness. I will advise my daughter to apply homemade face masks at least once a week on top of her daily skin care routine. Here is the recipe for a homemade DIY face mask.
  • Always apply oil to your hair a night before washing. That is the key for that long, shiny and thick luscious hair. Here is the recipe for an oil mixture which I follow for my daughter.
  • Never step out of your home without wearing SPF. When I was in my teens I don't think I followed that advice from my mom. But as I grew I realized it is a very important aspect for the skin.
  • When it comes to makeup, I would call myself a minimalist. Just a bit of foundation and lipstick with a beautiful smile can win many hearts but if my daughter chooses to apply more makeup, I will advise her to always use a toner, serum and moisturizer before wearing her makeup.
  • One of the most important tips for my daughter is not to compromise her sleep. A good seven to eight hours of sleep every night helps my skin glow the next morning. I don't need to apply more makeup to hide any puffiness or dark circle around my eyes. A good amount of sleep is the secret for that dewy and glowing skin.
  • Like sleeping, I will also stress drinking more water, as drinking eight cups of water or more will help her skin look fresh and vibrant.

Costume details:

  1. Mom's skirt: Chicwish. (You can also buy it from Amazon)
  2. Daughters skirt: Amazon