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5 Tips to Work from Home Successfully


Article by Laura Mak

Photography by Laura Mak

There are many new opportunities to work from home. It is very important to set yourself up for success. I have created a list of points to consider to help your productivity and focus.

1. Workspace

Create a separate workspace. Set yourself up for something that is specific to you working. Remove any clutter so you can have clarity in your thoughts. Add an inspiring decoration or two. 

2. Routine

Have a consistent morning routine and schedule to follow. Your routine can start with morning gratitude before you get out of the bed, lemon water, Great Lakes Gelatin collagen coffee, and a healthy nutritious breakfast. Now is not the time to just go with the flow. (Use code LauraMak to save on your next Great Lakes Gelatin purchase.)

3. Block

Set aside blocks of time to work on projects without interruption. You can get so much more accomplished knowing you have a window of time to complete a task or project instead of an open-ended amount.

4.  Break

Schedule breaks during the day. Allow time for a 10-minute transition period after your morning block – stand up and stretch, do some lunges, get the blood flowing so those creative juices can be inspired. Give yourself a specific time for lunch, like 30 minutes. Do not use electronics at this time. Take the time to enjoy the taste and flavor of your food. Allow yourself a mid-afternoon break to again stretch, walk outside, or just move a bit. Have a specific end time to your day as well. You need a quitting time so you can relax and release the brain from the work focus so you may charge up and be ready for a productive next day.

5. Manage

Keep yourself free from distraction, or at least minimize it the best you can. Of course, working from home obstacles may come up. During your work hours it is not a time to begin folding clothes, cleaning dishes or any other tasks other than what you have blocked out for the time period. Set yourself up by referring back to Tips 1 and 2.

There are definitely a lot of new possibilities and options for working home now. Be sure to set yourself up for success by using these five tips mentioned above.

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