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Ashley B. Mondragon

Harmonizing Business and Passion at Rockstar! Studios

Article by Bridgewater City Lifestyle

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In the heart of Middlesex, NJ, a unique space thrives, cultivating the artistic aspirations of the young and the young-at-heart. Rockstar! Studios, under the vibrant leadership of Ashley B. Mondragon, emerges as a beacon of creativity, offering an expansive range of performing arts education. This month, had the pleasure of sitting down with Ashley B. Mondragon to delve into her journey, the ethos behind Rockstar! Studios, and her dreams for its future.

The Genesis of Rockstar! Studios:

Ashley B. Mondragon's journey into the world of performing arts education was as serendipitous as it was inspirational. Initially serving as a musical director at JP Stevens High School, Ashley B. Mondragon’s dedication to her students extended beyond the school's theater department. A modest request for private coaching from three students blossomed into a thriving community of over fifty young artists, signaling the need for a new kind of performing arts space.

Rockstar! Studios was born from a collective yearning for a space that catered not just to the traditional trajectories of dance, music, and acting but embraced the unique needs and talents of each student. Alongside her husband, David, a musician with a gift for the guitar, Ashley B. Mondragon set about creating a studio that offered comprehensive training in music, dance, singing, and instrumental performance, all under one roof.

A Mission of Education, Training, and Performance:

At its core, Rockstar! Studios is dedicated to fostering a love for the arts without the pressure of competition. Ashley B. Mondragon emphasizes that Rockstar! is more than a hobby hub—it's a launchpad for college and professional aspirations. "You graduate from high school, not from us," Ashley B. Mondragon proudly states, highlighting the studio’s commitment to lifelong learning and artistic development.

Rockstar! Studios distinguishes itself with a focus on quality education and performance opportunities, eschewing the competitive aspect prevalent in many other performing arts institutions. This philosophy not only nurtures the students' artistic growth but also builds a supportive community where creativity flourishes.

Future Harmonies:

Ashley B. Mondragon’s vision for Rockstar! Studios is as dynamic as the performances it hosts. Within the next five years, she hopes to expand the studio to include more music and dance rooms, as well as a separate acting studio space. Her ten-year plan is even more ambitious, with dreams of adding a performance theater and a healthy cafe to create a holistic environment where art and well-being intersect. This cafe, an ode to Ashley B. Mondragon’s love for health and fitness, aims to provide employment and performance opportunities, fostering a vibrant community centered around live music and open mics.

Balancing Acts and Future Beats:

Running Rockstar! Studios is a labor of love and determination. Ashley B. Mondragon candidly shares that managing a business while nurturing a family requires a delicate balance. Yet, it's a challenge she embraces with enthusiasm, supported by a team that shares her vision and passion.

As a mother of three, Ashley B. Mondragon finds her greatest joy in the simple moments spent with her family. Whether it’s outdoor adventures, culinary explorations, or maintaining a commitment to fitness, Ashley B. Mondragon’s life outside the studio is as rich and varied as the curriculum offered at Rockstar!.

A Standing Ovation:

Ashley B. Mondragon’s journey with Rockstar! Studios is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of a dream. It's a place where young artists can grow, learn, and shine, nurtured by a belief in their potential and the strength of their creativity. As Rockstar! Studios continues to evolve, its impact on the community and the arts promises to be as profound as the performances it inspires.

In Ashley B. Mondragon’s words and work, one message resonates clearly: Rockstar! Studios isn’t just about teaching the arts; it's about enriching lives through music, dance, and theatre/acting, one student at a time.

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