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James Castle House 2024 Residents


Article by Denise Llorente

Photography by Provided

The James Castle House is thrilled to introduce the selected individuals for its esteemed residency program in 2024. Following a nationwide search, the organization extends a warm welcome to Ellen Mansfield, Jasmine Best, Jenna Inzetta for 10-week residencies, Jay Stern, and Kimberly Wetzel for short-stay residencies, and Mari Andrews for a project residency.


Ellen Mansfield (Frederick, MD)

Multidisciplinary, Visual Artist

Dates: February 7 – April 17, 2024

Ellen Mansfield, a Deaf artist from Frederick, Maryland, brings her unique perspective to explore Deaf history and life through drawing, painting, batik, ceramics, and more. Her art, rooted in the DE’VIA style, celebrates American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Don't miss the chance to witness her creations!

Jasmine Best (Athens, GA)

Mixed Media Artist

Dates: May 15 – July 24, 2024

From Athens, Georgia, Jasmine Best captivates with her mixed media art referencing Southern folk stories. Exploring the intersection of folk tradition and modern Black culture through a feminist lens, Best promises a thought-provoking residency that pushes artistic boundaries.

Jenna Inzetta (Brooklyn, NY)

Interdisciplinary Artist

Dates: August 7 – October 13, 2024

Jenna Inzetta, an interdisciplinary artist from Brooklyn, New York, mesmerizes with her collage work. Through the dissection and reconstruction of memories using diverse materials, Inzetta's collages serve as captivating chronicles of her life and experiences.

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Jay Stern (Rockport, ME)


Dates: January 12-22, 2024

Experience the refracted world of Jay Stern, a painter from coastal Maine. With a portrait-like approach, Stern's abstract paintings elevate domestic interiors and exteriors, revealing metaphorical layers within personal portraits.

Kimberly Wetzel (Minneapolis, MN)

Visual Artist

Dates: December 6-16, 2024

Kimberly Wetzel from Minneapolis, Minnesota, invites you into her world of finding home through nature. Using gestural marks and abstract patterning, Wetzel's art captures the essence of memories and past experiences spent on a farm in rural North Dakota.


Mari Andrews (Emeryville, CA)

Visual Artist

Dates: October 23 – November 20, 2024

Embrace the delicate sculptures of Mari Andrews, a visual artist from Emeryville, California. Inspired by her Bay Area home, Andrews crafts three-dimensional drawings using wire, mica, lead, and natural materials, creating pieces that can stand alone or harmonize within a larger ensemble.

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Discover More, Create More!

Residents at the James Castle House will not only immerse themselves in the creative legacy of the house but also explore the vibrant city of Boise for inspiration. Explore more on social media, @jamescastlehouse and the City of Boise’s Department of Arts & History, @boiseartsandhistory

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