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Bookstores to Visit


Article by Jessica Fitch

Photography by Various

Rumors circulate year after year that we will soon lose physical books in favor of e-books, but that simply isn't the case. There are still lots of book stores that thrive by selling physical books, utilizing online stores, hosting local events, and being local staples of their community. Not only do we encourage you to find any local book store near you (particularly those that are independently owned!), but it's also a great stop on a leisurely road trip or vacation out of town.

Here's a list of a few unique book stores around the country that either support their community, have quirky appeal, or are just worth seeing!

Dog Eared Books, San Francisco, California

Since 1992, Dog Eared Books has been a local place for some really fun finds. They stock new, used, and remaindered books, and are well-known for their generous prices. They specialize in off-beat, small press and local literature, and are great for any ravenous reader looking for something unique to read.

South Congress Books, Austin, Texas

The owner of this quirky bookstore was previously a book collector with a high rating as an online bookseller. By doing both online and in-person book-selling, they manage to keep a very large inventory and stay open for the public to enjoy. They focus on quality over quantity and are sure to keep their inventory nice and organized for any shopper.

Logos Book Store, New York, New York

If you've watched the Lifetime Series You (probably on Netflix) you might recognize this bookstore in Manhattan! Actually called "Logos Book Store," the store holds a vast collection of Judeo-Christian books and bibles, as well as other well-known and not so well-known fiction and non-fiction. Not only is this a great place for a photo, but they boast only a block distance from Carl Schurz park, so this really will fill up your entire afternoon.

Next Chapter Booksellers, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Previously called, Common Good Books, Next Chapter is known as the local indie bookstore. Beloved by their community, they offer tons of new books; from best-sellers to local variety. Definitely worth stopping by, and hopefully you'll catch them for one of their readings, signings, or other events!

Full Circle Bookstore, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Full Circle Bookstore is the largest independent, locally-owned, general interest bookstore in Oklahoma. Their aesthetic is very pleasing: With their 13-foot bookcases, rolling ladders, fireplaces, and comfortable seating, you'll feel like you came right out of an old movie. They have more than 60,000 titles in every genre, and a cafe and coffee shop in-store to help you stay a little longer.

The Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, Arizona

Founded in 1989, the Poisoned Pen is located in Old Town Scottsdale’s Art District. They specialize in fiction, both current and classic, and offer some autographed first editions and imports. They have lively book clubs and readings often, and most years, they host a themed mystery conference for the community of Scottsdale.

Atomic Books, Baltimore, Maryland

A famous and popular book store, Atomic Books has an eclectic selection. Their saying "Literary finds for mutated minds," should give you an idea of the fun atmosphere of the store. They have a large selection of comic books and graphic novels as well as a bar. They also sell vinyls and John Waters gets his fan mail delivered here.

Bookworks, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bookworks has spent 36 years as a locally-owned and operated independent bookstore. As one of the last ones in Albuquerque, they dedicate themselves to supporting their community with around 400-500 events every year. They highlight both their local authors as well as nationally-known ones, and are willing to find any book, audio book, or CD you are looking for.

When you travel next, see what you can find in the way of local book stores. You'd be surprised what amazing places and cafes you get to see, and the culture you find tucked away between the aisles, like the pages of a book.