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4 Shade Structures for Your Backyard


Article by Cate Marian

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

For a cozy retreat in your own backyard, a freestanding structure can provide privacy, comfort and style. Here, we dive into some of the many options available as you think about how to transform your outdoor space into the perfect sanctuary.


A freestanding, octagonal structure with a pitched room and open sides. For a bug-free zone, screen yours in. 

“Gazebos may have a nostalgic appeal, but these time-honored outdoor hideaways are making a comeback in backyards all across the U.S. Today’s gazebos can compliment any décor style, ranging from traditional to shabby chic to modern to farmhouse.”

—Country Living


Often used to cover walkways, these structures have open roofs and are supported by columns or posts. Grow vines on top for added privacy and aesthetics. 

“Splendor in the shade” might be the old-fashioned way to describe the elegant use of the pergola, but today’s designs add a bit of edge to this outdoor must-have.”

-Next Luxury


Perfect for your outdoor kitchen! 

"Ramadas are the cousin of Gazebos and the big brother of Pergolas. But, they have a personality of their own, providing you with shade, comfort and privacy."


Patio Covers

An open or solid roof over your patio to protect from sun and rain. 

“A sail shade is among the easiest DIY sun-blockers you can make. All it takes is a triangular-cut piece of fabric with eyelets punched in the corners. Use strong twine or rope to attach the shade to poles, the side of the house, or nearby trees.”