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Discover the Joy of Flamenco Dancing


Article by Cate Marian

Photography by Stock Images + airbnb

Born in the caves of southern Spain, this traditional dance associated with gypsy culture has evolved into one of the country's most popular forms of entertainment.

With early influences from Greek and Roman, and later Indian, Moorish and Jewish cultures, this bold and elegant fusion is marked by passionate feet stomping, hand clapping and finger snapping to the sound of special guitar music, and often accompanied by singing — all of which you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Take an online class to perfect your footwork, discover new guitar chords, and immerse yourself into all things Flamenco with these digital resources.

Flamenco Dance with a Spanish Dancer

Immerse yourself in flamenco culture through this online experience at home with a sevillian flamenco dancer expert on complete beginners. Welcome to Eva´s Flamenco Balcony in Triana, Seville. We’ll briefly introduce ourselves. Then I’ll share a brief introduction to flamenco's origins & culture. Next we learn to dance! We'll break everything into pieces, from basic body positions to footwork, flamenco rhythms to basic arms-hands work. Once you’re feeling comfortable with them, you will be ready to learn and dance a brief fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: From $12/person

An Evening with a Flamenco Composer

We will enjoy an intimate Flamenco Guitar Concert in Madrid, we will dive into the history of Flamenco through the sounds and melodies of the guitar. You will be able to differentiate all the codes the flamenco musicians use in their concerts and understand how they communicate with each other during their improvisation. You will see how we compose our music based on the ancestral culture of the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: From $6/person

Experience Flamenco

Explore this blog about how to dance flamenco, flamenco-focused travel in Spain, flamenco dance students and their experiences, interviews with flamenco artists, and translations of flamenco letras (songs) from Spanish to English. Take a class online, connect with others who are passionate about flamenco dancing, and learn more about this unique culture.