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Do You Have A Vision Board?


Article by Karen Kwong

Photography by Karen Kwong, Provided, & Stock Images

I am curious, how many of you actually have a vision board? My feeling is perhaps not that many, despite the fact that most of us agree a vision board does help with reaching our goals. As usual, I sent a message to my immediate network as well as several popular social media groups full of moms operating small businesses inquiring about vision board stories. I would say my post reached out to at least several thousand people.

I'd like to feature a response I received on my Instagram from Karine Wong, the chief executive officer at My Guiltless Treats.

Karine's Vision Board Story

"This vision board is from 2015. At the time, I felt quite unfit and unhealthy despite weighing in at 125 lbs. I felt and looked like a marshmallow stuffed in jeans.

I placed the board in my room so I always saw it before my day started. Remember the adage ... out of sight, out of mind ... Instead, all day, when I order food, I think about how my food aligns with my goals. When I exercise, I chose to lift weights instead of doing cardio. When I see my husband, I see that image of the couple on the couch and remember to sit with my husband. 

For 2020, I cannot reveal my board because it has confidential business information. However, I will share with you one thing. One of my company's goals is to be affiliated with the American Diabetes Association and Weight Watchers. Every day, I make choices that will help me to get to that goal, such as what I post on social media, who I will contact, or whether I should audition for Shark Tank."

What an inspiring story! To learn more about Karine's business, please visit her website, follow her on Instagram, or send her an email at

If you have a vision board, display it in a space that you can see it often, and keep using it for your everyday mindset. If you don't have one, make one now!

Vision boards helps us clarify our goals and present them in a way that our mind can make strong connections with. Do not underestimate the power of human minds! Vision boards can help train our brains, inspiring and motivating us to really put plans into action and work on our goals.

The most common way of creating a vision board is by clipping pictures from old magazines and pasting them on a piece of display board or pinning them to a corkboard. But if you are a digital person, a digital vision board would work too! Canva is a great place to do so. Simply use a blank poster template and start clipping images you found on the internet to that board. You can save them as a picture and put it on your desktop as wallpaper.

If you make great connections with words, I have discovered another fun way to make a vision board using board game tiles! I ordered my vision board through Designs by Paula J. I gave Paula the words that described my vision, and she designed the display for me that would fit on my available wall space. Now my vision board is on a wall directly facing my home office door. Every time I walk into my home office, I see it! And it serves as an elegant decor to my home office.

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Designs by Paula J. is a new business venture. Here is their founder Paula's story:

Paula's Vision Board Story

"Designs by Paula J. tells your family’s unique story through your favorite board game tiles. I had always been meaning to create a design for my family room. I bought all the supplies and intended to do it last summer. Well, life got in the way and it wasn’t until we recently had a lot more time to ourselves that I got around to it. After posting to social media, I had a few inquiries from friends and a business idea was born! Tiles come ready to hang with damage-free adhesive on the back. Each design is packed with love! Wrapped with ribbon and a letter with your personalized hanging instructions (see picture of packaging above). We offer both 3 inch and 4 inch square tiles. Our designers will help you decide which size is best for your home. 

Our designs make great gifts for engagements, new home, baby, anniversary, milestone birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. Or buy for your own family! Thank you to Karen Kwong for trusting us to make her vision board to inspire her while working toward her goals, another great use of our tiles! "

Here are more examples of Paula's creations. For a free quote with multiple design options and measurements, please email, visit them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

I hope you like my ideas about digital vision boards and game tile vision boards. Picture Perfect Career Moms is a newly formed tribe helping ambitious career moms seek ways of turning their passions and creativity into freedom through career diversification and living a Picture Perfect 'Slash' Lifestyle! I love to talk about moms operating small businesses. If you would like to get your business featured in my articles, please submit your unique story to

Karine's vision board picture is provided by Karine herself. Pictures of my own vision board and Designs by Paula J.'s pacakging is taken by me (the author). Other examples of Paula's designs are provided by Paula herself. The rest of the pictures in this article are from shutterstock and pixabay.

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