Daddy Daughter Trip

Rob Schneider Debuts Fun-Filled Flick Exclusively Shot in AZ

In the blazing summer of 2020, esteemed actor Rob Schneider moved his family to the great state of Arizona. If you ask the comedic genius why he relocated to AZ, he’ll attribute the move to lower taxes (kinda!), as well as wanting to raise his family in a solid community.

“Why do I love Arizona? Simple: real family values, scorpions, bobcats, terrific schools, stunning nature, and world-class restaurants,” said Schneider.

In fact, Schneider launched Mandalini Films in Scottsdale, his production company, that is thrilled to debut its first film: “Daddy Daughter Trip.”

“The movie is about an Arizonan 2nd grader, Meara Bublè, who dreams of going on a fun-filled spring break vacation that her family can’t afford. With only coins in their pockets, Meara and her dad take off and end up having the adventure of a lifetime.”

That adventure just so happens to showcase hot spots all around Arizona; the movie was exclusively shot and filmed in our beautiful Grand Canyon State.

“Arizona is my home now. It wasn’t until we moved here that I began to see all the cinematic opportunities; the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona, the lush trees in Flagstaff, the beautiful desert landscapes, as well as all the benefits of shooting in a big city.”

Schneider’s team filmed at an array of locations: Bearizona, Saguaro Lake, and the East Valley’s Agritopia.

“Agritopia reminded me of the perfect suburban neighborhood that could be anywhere in America. Everything was lush, and the homes were immaculately well-kept. It also didn’t hurt that there are incredible places to eat and have cappuccinos. I think that’s where our film crew was happiest; near the coffee and muffins!”

The film hits close to home for Schneider, as he’s a proud girl dad. His wife, screenwriter/producer Patricia, still hasn’t let their children watch any of his old movies, stating they are a tad too young for “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.” As a result, the husband-wife duo sought to create a flick the whole family could enjoy.

“My wife has a great handle on the tone of the film. She came up with the funniest physical comedy in the movie: the bloggers Larry and Meara run into was all her idea!”

Schneider and his girl gang want to thank the people of Arizona for giving them such a warm welcome, as well as a perfect backdrop for “Daddy Daughter Trip.” And if you ever want to go star-spotting, you can usually find Rob at Preston’s Steak House or the original Mastro’s whenever John Cleese is in town and feeling a bit “puckish.”

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