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Dan Antonelli

Mountain Bikes, Service, and Cars

If you ever get a chance to sit down and chat with Dan Antonelli you're in for a fun conversation, especially if you want to learn more about Grand Junction's mountain bike scene. 

In 1976, Dan saw a mountain bike he couldn't live without: a full-suspension Schwinn with all the high-tech bells and whistles of the day. He had to get the money for it though, as money doesn't grow on trees, and this bike was a full suspension in a day where that wasn't very common. So, Dan's mother thought of a creative idea, and that was for Dan to go out at night and find worms and nightcrawlers and sell them to the local drug store. Between this new entrepreneurial enterprise and other jobs, he was able to purchase his new high-tech bike and has loved riding ever since, even to the point that he will find a rental shop or take his bike with him on business trips, discovering new trails and paths wherever he goes. 

During the early 2000's many of the singletrack trails on the north end of the Uncompahgre Plateau were being closed to mountain bikes and Dan hated to see that happen. He had already been volunteering with the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA) for a few years. He decided to join the board and started to really make a difference by advocating to get back access to those trails and to expand mountain biking in our area. Dan played a big part in the planning and building of the Flowing Park, Indian Point, and Mesa Top trails and I think I speak for many when I say we are thankful for those efforts. 

Dan's contributions to our community don't even come close to stopping there. He volunteers as a guide for those who want to ride the whole Kokopelli trail from the Kokopelli trailhead all the way to Moab, he cleans up trails in the early spring by taking a chain saw with him when he rides, and he helps people who are in need of a car by giving them one. But let's back up a little.

Around the time Dan joined the board for COPMOBA, he was also busy building his car repair business. He started by renting a few repair bays from another garage, and that worked well for a few years. Circumstances changed, however, and he needed to move his business. After some extensive search efforts, he found his current location and that has been positive not only for his business but also for helping people in our community. "I don't just want to collect money from people. I really want to give back to my community," Dan commented when asked about the Wheels to Prosper work he does. A couple of times a year Dan will purchase a car and fix it up with the help of NAPA, Moore's Auto Body, Rapid Response, Discount Tire, and others. With this help, he is able to get the car fixed up and then find someone who is in need and give it away. He loves this program and if you would like to nominate someone for the program listen to our local radio stations for details!

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