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The Keim Girls Share their Unique Styles

As a mom, I want my girls to feel happy and safe in their rooms and to feel okay expressing themselves. I ask for their input on their decor because they are such individuals, and I love to express their unique personalities in our home.

Avrey is my oldest. She's 17 years old and a junior at Dripping Springs High School. She plays volleyball, is a voracious reader, and loves hanging out with friends. She is a caregiver and nurturer through and through, wanting everyone to feel welcome. Her style is eclectic. A lover of bellbottoms, fun patterns, rattan and books. Her bedroom wallpaper is made of pages from an old edition of Les Miserables. She is drawn to earthy tones, warm lighting and an organic, cozy feel. 

Harper is our social butterfly. She’s 11 years old and loves cheer. Her style leans toward pop art, and she loves curated displays of her collections and art projects. She likes to mix in vintage vibes in her décor, and must have a dedicated glamor area. She loves inviting her friends into her space, so a hangout spot in her room is essential. She warms up her room with fairy lights and cozy corners. 

Wren rules the roost. She’s 5 years old, and she’s the sweet-and-spicy youngest member of the family. She loves to sing and dance, and is part of the DSYSA Tiger cheer team, so space for active play is a must. She also needs ample storage for her unicorns. She loves a dreamy, glittery, whimsical vibe, so we gave her floral wallpaper, a playhouse bed and lots of space for imagination.


Style: edgy, masculine and rustic modern

I like to mix heavy textures with woodsy accents, moody paints, and hints of rich metals. I like to play with scale, taking cabinets, patterns and lighting all the way up and over the ceiling. Drama never fails, and contrast is my friend.  


Style: dreamy, earthy and organic

She chose the green to accent the earthy/organic vibe that her room has. Her deco tiles are a neutral pottery accent that looks like natural stone. So the floor tile pulls them all together. Her jute rug feels good underfoot.


Style: bright, pop, and music-oriented

Neutral with a pop of color. Her bold statement art and bright tile works well with the subtle neutral larger format selections.  


Style: sweet and whimsical 

No surprise, she loved pink everywhere. With a little persuasion, she added some teal and jeweled tones.  This combo will be perfect for the young girly girl. 

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