Dark Side of the Broom

Conquering Overlooked Kitchen Spaces

Think your kitchen could pass the White Glove Test? Terry Sanderson, local franchise owner of The Maids of Cincinnati—a leading residential cleaning company—shares the most overlooked areas when it comes to the heart of every home.

1. Discreet Tops. “Dust and particles fall from high surfaces,” Terry reminds us. Wipe cabinet doors, handles, light fixtures, high corners and refrigerator tops first to avoid cleaning twice when grime falls to the floor or counters.

2. Drains and Disposals. Disposing citrus peels can freshen the drain, but The Maids offer its own trick. “Pour a half cup of baking soda down the disposal followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the mixture bubble for 10 minutes, then run the disposal with hot water.” Still smelly? “Use an old toothbrush to scrub under and around the rubber flange.” 

3. Small Appliances. The toaster with a sea of dried crumbs underneath it, the countertop mixer with dust in the bowl, the coffeemaker with bacteria brewing inside—we typically just wipe the outsides, right? For pod coffee makers, The Maids recommends a weekly routine—disassemble, wipe, and run a half vinegar/half water brew cycle. “This cleans and removes buildup.”

4. Inside Cabinets. Don’t just de-clutter bowls, containers, and flatware. Really get in there—remove all contents, and wipe tops and undersides of shelves, cabinet sides and back walls. Don’t forget the corners!

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