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Date-Ready Hair

Expert Advice on How to Keep Your Hair Winter-Weather Perfect and Ready to Go Out

It’s the month of love, a time for romantic occasions when you can ditch the sweats and slip on something elegant for a night on the town. But … your hair! What can you do about those straw-like strands from indoor heat, static from dry air and matted locks from wooly hats?

With a little know-how — and the right products and tools — you can keep your locks healthy and looking great throughout the winter months, says Jeanine Laviola, owner of Renew Salon & Spa in Gillette. She shares some tips to help keep your hair looking its best between cuts in the winter months and beyond. 

“It’s important that you stay on top of appointments. Schedule cuts every six weeks to maintain your style, and if you get color, select a salon that uses conditioning color, like the organic color by L’ANZA,” she says. 

To control static, use a light hairspray. She recommends Fluxus Touchable Hairspray by Amika, which texturizers to give volume while controlling flyways.

Laviola, who is Deva certified in curly hairstyles, recommends people with curls flip their hair upside down while in the shower and apply a leave-in conditioner and their preferred cream or gel while their hair is soaking wet. Then, let the hair air dry and defuse it for finishing. “The Secret is our hottest product. You use it before you blow-dry and it helps keep your look good for about seven days,” she says. “The product’s perfect balance of camellia and keratin is the secret to the best blowout ever.”

Laviola recommends that people wash their hair at least every other day. “However, if you have curly hair, you can go three to four days between washes and use a cleansing cream in between,” she says. 

People with thin hair should use volumizing or thickening products, such as those from the L’ANZA organic thickening line: shampoo, conditioner and thickening styling products. “Styling products and having the proper tools — a good blow dryer, a wand to make those big, loose beach waves and a microfiber towel — are essential,” she says. 

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  • Jeanine Laviola
  • Jeanine Laviola