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Books + Journals to Lift Your Spirits


Article by Kate Baxendale

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Diving into a good book can be so satisfying and rewarding—getting lost in the pages, learning from the characters' experiences and taking a break from reality. Spend some quality alone time with these powerful memoirs that will move you. Then choose a title or two from these recommended classic novels that you've been meaning to read (or haven't read since high school.) These guided journals are also a great way to expand your mind and reflect on your life. Happy reading and writing!

5 Memoirs that Will Inspire You

Memoirs are some of the most powerful works of non-fiction. Try one of these recommended books and delve into the personal life of the author. You'll be surprised by what you will learn by seeing the world through someone else's lens.

5 Guided Journals to Give You Clarity

Journaling is such a rewarding activity. It documents your daily life and keeps a record of your thoughts, emotions, diet and so much more. Having trouble getting started? These guided journals contain thought-provoking prompts to ease you into the process.

5 Must-Read Classic Novels

If you've been wanting to read more but aren't sure what types of books you like, you can't go wrong with classic literature. Check out some of these titles that are some of the most beloved stories of all time.