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DIY Christmas Ornaments with the Kids


Article by Melissa Rodgers

Photography by Melissa Rodgers

Let's face it finding ways to keep your kids entertained in the winter time can be exhausting and make us parents a little batty. If you are anything like me you are constantly looking for fun projects you can do together. Luckily my kiddo happens to love crafts and DIY, but I assure you even if they normally don't ... they will LOVE this project.

We had so much fun making these ornaments together and they turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic paints in various colors
  • Clear plastic or glass ornaments (if your child is rambunctious stick with the plastic)
  • Paper cups to pour excess paint into
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Start by picking a few colors you want to use. I love choosing complementary colors to make an impact but this really is whatever your child's creative heart desires. Or if you are a tad bit obsessive compulsive like me, choose colors that work with your Christmas decor color scheme.

Next, pour enough paint to swirl around the inside of the ornament. I swirled each color paint individually before adding another color. *Tip* make sure you are covering opening with a paper towel so paint does not end up all over your home like a Jackson Pollock painting. Once you have covered the whole ornament, tip it upside down into a paper or plastic cup to remove as much of the excess paint as possible. They will need a few days to dry.

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I should tell you that even I make mistakes on crafts. Make sure you really take the time to pour out and dry the paint inside the ornaments. We had to make them a second time when we realized the lights from the tree warmed up the paint and mixed the colors to make a gorgeous poop brown.

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These ornaments are also a great gift to give teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles from your child. Who doesn't love a handmade gift from their favorite kid?