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Our Guide to Dentists in Washington DC


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The country’s capital, Washington DC has over 11,000 residents per square mile which means there are many mouths for dentists to take care of the busy capital. 

Whether a resident requires remedial dental treatment or preventive care, there are dentists in all across the state to deal with their requirements efficiently. The crowded city’s population continues to grow. 

However, more than three quarters of a million residents there do not have to worry about dental care as their city expands. Around 100 dentists serve the residents, and a large number are specialists. They come with some of the highest ratings for dentists in a single city.

If you consider moving to Washington D.C., have no fear, you won't have difficulty finding a dentist office, even some affordable dentists in the costly city. Here is a guide to dentists in DC and its environment.

Dentists in the DC Area: Find What You Need

Whether by design or mere coincidence, there are four top-rated dentists just across from the Whitehouse.

Politicians and executives will have no problem keeping their teeth pearly. In Columbia Heights, West End and Lincoln Park, each have one of the top ten dentists in the city. They all offer general dentistry, cosmetic and other services. In the downtown area, Dr Sharon Madison is quite prominent. Dr Madison offers general and esthetic dental services in partnership with Dr Michelle Loewinger.

Minnesota Avenue

There are several doctors on Minnesota Avenue, two of whom are rated above four-stars and offer state-of-the-art technology. Dr Cooper who runs a five-star dentistry is among a group of dentists in the vicinity of Fort Mahan Park in the vibrant city. Every dental service needed is on offer in that area.

Southwest DC

Nearly half the dentists in DC are based in the Southwest region of the city. There are six with ratings below 3.5 stars, but the larger portion have great ratings and offer wide ranging specialties.

It may be the easiest area to get an appointment since the options are greater. Every part of the area has a dentist, even in proximity to the Smithsonian Institution Offices. 

Got Kids? Find Pediatric Dentists 

There's also many dentists offer catering to kids and, in some cases, families as a whole. There's a cluster of pediatric dentists in the vicinity of Smithsonian National Zoological Park while the others are across the city. Parents have no need to worry as all the dentists come highly suggested by the district. 

Many offers from general teeth cleaning assistance to cosmetic dentistry. Their services range from cosmetic dentistry to sedation dentistry and an implant learning center.

Dr. Dan Huang DMD, operates high-end dentistry in neighboring Chantilly, offering top-notch care to families.

Make Your Smile Brighter with Cosmetic Dentists

All the dentists in Washington DC, offer cosmetic dentistry and are ready to brighten your smile. Majority of them have great ratings, a rare commodity in a lot of cities. Speaking of star ratings, visit Dr. Karen Y. Cooper, DDS on Minnesota Avenue for everything from porcelain veneers to whole mouth restoration.

Meanwhile, Dr Harvey M. Levin DDS, is known for his cosmetic, restorative, implant, and periodontal care. His practice is across the street from the compact Farragut Park. 

Toothpain? Call Anytime - 24-hour, Emergency Dentists

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need to see one of the walk-in dentists in Washington DC, you may have to go to the emergency room. None of the doctors in the capital lists their dentistry as offering round the clock service.

Great news though, is that thirty-three dental practitioners offer walk-in service once you have an emergency circumstance.

Holistic Dentists

Many dentists also offer holistic dentistry, also known as biological dentistry. The available holistic dentists are a high number showing that DC residents are not only serious about dental health but are embracing holistic dental care too. A plus for people seeking natural dental care is that all over the city, one is strategically located.

Biological dentistry refers to the entire body and the impacts of all dental material and techniques on a patient's body. This procedure is free of fluoride and mercury.

Whatever your dental situation or preference is, there's a dentist in Washington DC that acknowledges your insurance, offers a payment plan, or will structure your treatment to fall within your monetary range. Either way, you will get the outstanding dental care required to rehabilitate or sustain your confident smile.