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Salicylic Acid


Article by Jennifer Buck

Photography by Jennifer Buck

Today's Acid is Salicylic Acid!

Why then is there an image of a laser device you ask? Well, to contain acne you must gain control of sebum production! Sebum is the oil your skin produces.

My two favorite ways to accomplish this are products and services that contain Salicylic acid, and my Aerolase Laser. Not necessarily together but as part of a treatment program. I also like to incorporate The Saltfacial to help reduce the intermittent breakouts and help regulate the skin once we have balanced sebum production.

But let's discuss Salicylic acid. What does it do? How does it work and who is best suited for this acid? I have all the answers, so let's dive in.

In last week's blog, I stated there are AHA’s and BHA’s. Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and the most common BHA we talk about in aesthetics. 

Salicylic acid can be found in face wash, toners, patches and peels.


·        It has a large molecular size which means it stays on the surface of the skin longer and is not irritating.

·        Softens the skin and helps to increase the sloughing of dead skin cells, this is particularly helpful with clients that have thicker oily skin.

·        Treats and prevents acne by killing bacteria and reducing inflammation of the skin.

How I recommend use depends on the client. I love Dermalogica break-out clearing foaming wash for my younger clients with acne, as it has a low percentage of salicylic acid and performs nicely without drying or irritating the skin. For my adult acne clients, I recommend complexion renewal pads or oil control pads by ZO. I love to begin acne treatments with a salicylic acid peel to gain control of the sebum production and kill bacteria.  

** If you are allergic to aspirin this is not a product for you!

** I do not recommend using any of these products on skin younger than 12 years old without first consulting with a physician. 

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