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Meet Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors 


Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Courtesy of Farmers & Fisherman Purveyors

In the olden days, you needed a “butcher, baker and a candlestick maker.” In today’s COVID-19 world, you need a reliable source for quality food, and if it can be delivered, that’s even better. Meet Farmers & Fishermen Purveyors. Prior to COVID-19, Farmers & Fishermen was in the business of securing and delivering top-quality products to restaurants. They found and dealt with the best farmers and fishermen and sourced out gourmet provisions such as pasta, olive oil, gourmet savory pies, potstickers, biscuits, pies, spices and vinegars.

But as restaurants temporarily shut down, Farmers & Fishermen added a new dimension to its business selling and delivering the same quality products to consumers. Now, you can order online (or call 770-441-1100) and get these fresh meats, seafood and gourmet foods delivered to your home — and if you’re in metro Atlanta — it’s delivered for free. Yes, that’s right. You can order online and the next day your delivery will be at your door for no charge. Of course, if you’re having them sent outside of Atlanta, it takes more time.

What makes Framers & Fishermen unique is not only the quality of their products but also the diversity and the numerous options. Take seafood, for instance. Right now, one can order fresh Chilean salmon, sea bass, grouper (three different ways), red snapper, turbot, mackerel, wahoo, bronzini, maki maki, swordfish, golden tile, pompano, wild-caught cobia, flounder, walleye pike, monkfish, yellowfin tuna, salmon, whole Dover sole, halibut, Arctic char, wild striped bass, cod, tilapia and rainbow trout. Pretty insane, right? While you’re still in the seafood department, they also offer smoked seafood, lobster, crab, scallops, shrimp, squid, crawfish and frozen fish. It’s like every seafood product you can imagine — and it's fresh.

The options keep going. They have Wagyu beef and game, an air fryer line, veggie burgers as well as kosher food. The kosher products, which include bone-in shoulder, veal rib chops, lamb, beef brisket, beef and pasta, are produced under Star-K supervision in Brooklyn and remain sealed in its package until delivered to the customer. Also available are bakery products, pasta, cheese, butter and a variety of truffle products.

Not only does Farmers & Fishermen work with the best national suppliers, but they also teamed up with Atlanta chefs to promote their special products as well. They will also help you book a local chef for special private dinners or functions. With COVID-19, the hospitality industry needs to help each other.

So, with Atlanta Chef’s Pantry, you can order fresh, organic dry pasta from Chef Pat Pascarella of White Bull; pickles and jams from Chef Brian Crain of Good Word Brewing & Public House; black onion jam from Chef Jared Hucks of The Alden; as well as the incredible seafood sauces from Chef William Sigley of Hammocks Trading Co. and Proof of the Pudding’s sharable signature sides.

Also available are gift boxes so you can send them to friends or as corporate gifts. Gift boxes include the Fabulous Fish Box; USDA Prime Love-Me-Tender, Iowa Angus Love-Me-Tender, Glamborous Box (2 Frenched lamb racks from Colorado); pantry of delectable gifts; Delectables of the Sea (includes lobster and caviar) as well as a Star-K Kosher Como; Brunch box, charcuterie box and gourmet gift set.

We all know that restaurants get the best and freshest meats, seafood and mushrooms, and now consumers — regular people like you and me — have the same privilege. Not only is that a bonus but because Farmers & Fishermen expanded its market to consumers, they are also able to provide more business and help keep the farmers, fishermen and chefs employed. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!