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Chewing helps promote oral health

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According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, approximately 80 percent of pets show signs of oral disease by age three, and dogs are FIVE TIMES more likely to develop periodontal disease than humans. Tips to keep your pet’s pearly whites in top shape.

Tip #1: Have your pet’s teeth checked at the vet at least once every year. Your veterinarian can give you a full assessment of your pet’s oral health and offer suggestions on tools and tactics to improving both their dental and overall health.

Dogs and cats do not produce digestive enzymes such as amylase to break down sugar in their saliva. Starchy sugary carbohydrates can promote plaque and bacteria growth in their mouths, which can lead to various diseases such as periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Tip #2: Look for food and treats that are meat first and use whole carbohydrates instead of flours or by-products to help moderate sugar intake. Carbohydrates such as brown rice, chickpeas, peas, lentils and sweet potatoes are all great options. Also consider foods that are rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils), and calcium. These nutrients combat Inflammation, weakening of the gums, and bone deterioration.

Chewing helps promote oral health in pets by offering benefits such as plaque and tartar removal.

Tip #3: Buy your pet appropriate chews and toys. For instance, bully sticks and rope toys can aid in dental health, and help keep plaque and bad breath at bay. There are many dental treats out there that can help, but even by just making a conscious decision to choose treats with quality ingredients and specific shapes, you can help your pet keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Ensuring your pets receive the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is critical to their dental health.

Tip #4: Make sure your pets are taking the right supplements; ones that include things like digestive enzymes, seaweed, and other natural vitamins and minerals, as opposed to those that contain harsh chemicals.

Below are some natural chews that promote clean and healthy gums.

Split Elk Antler Chews — This 100% natural treat is part of a hard antler that has been split to expose the bone marrow in the antler’s center. The softer marrow in the middle is gentler on teeth than whole antlers and provides a tasty bone marrow treat for added nutrients. Antler chews contain natural minerals that support bone and muscle health and the hard outer texture helps clean teeth, massage gums and exercise jaws as your dog chews.

Himalayan Dog Chews — are 100 percent natural, containing no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no gluten or grain, and no odor. These all-natural and protein-rich chews are easily digestible and safe. We adhere to the strictest of quality assurance standards and only source the highest-quality chews from cow and yak farmers in the foothills of the Himalayas. These natural dog dental chews help remove harmful plaque and tartar, leading to overall dental-health improvements. Let your dog chew on these yak hard-cheese dental treats, and watch his or her teeth sparkle.

Dental Stick — a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath, and a happy dog. The unique star shape of these treats is designed to help work the chew into the small spaces between dog's teeth to help increase blood flow to the gums and prevent tartar buildup. These natural dog breath treats are made with highly soluble ingredients that are safe and easy to digest. Give your dog the mouth-wowing treat that helps promote their overall health

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