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How Does Your Home’s Heater Work?


Article by Jason Fraser

Photography by Laurie Fraser

We all know that a heater is supposed to kick on and send toasty warm air throughout our home when it gets cold outside. But very few homeowners know what goes into ensuring that happens, especially if things aren’t working as they should.


Well, our friendly heater repair and maintenance technicians at A&A Air in Argyle, TX, believe this is a great question that doesn’t get asked enough. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than an educated customer. So today’s blog post will focus on that one burning question everyone wants to know: How does your home’s heater work?


Understanding your central heating system


Without getting too deep into the weeds, the goal of your central heater is to take the cool air that’s continuously passing through the system and convert it into warm air. Below is a quick breakdown of the steps involved.


Step 1: Your home thermostat detects that the inside temperature of your home is too cool based on your desired set point and sends a signal to the central heater. Burning propane or natural gas then generates heat in the furnace’s burner.


Consumer Reports came out with its top list of 2023 programmable thermostats here.


Step 2: Once warm air is generated, it passes through a heat exchanger to make it hot. At the same time, air from your ductwork is blown over the heat exchanger to warm the air.


Step 3: The furnace’s blower then steps in to push heated air into the supply ductwork. You immediately start feeling it come out of the registers on your ceiling, and this cycle repeats throughout the entire home.


Step 4: Once the house is warm again, the system shuts off and waits until it is required to turn on again.


There are several parts that need to be in tip-top shape for a central heater to work correctly. This includes a furnace control board, a draft-induced fan, a gas burner, an ignition switch, a blower fan, a heat exchanger, and the flue.


Preventative maintenance keeps this cycle running smoothly


While simple enough, a lot can go wrong throughout this 4-step process that ultimately keeps your heater from working correctly. This is why preventative maintenance is so important. Sure, everything may be working great right now, but more often than not, the families who stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter are the ones who had their HVAC systems professionally inspected, serviced, and cleaned by a heater repair guy near me before those peak times of the year become too unruly.


The Indoor Air Quality Association lists these essential reasons why preventative maintenance is so important:


1.   Prevent costly breakdowns

2.   Reduce energy bills

3.   Extend the life of your system

4.   Stay protected under warranty

5.   Improve your indoor air quality

6.   Improve your comfort

7.   Keep your home safer

8.   Help the environment

9.   Give yourself greater peace of mind


Click here to see what’s included in A&A Air’s Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter preventative maintenance checklists.


The temperatures are finally getting cooler outside, but they’re not to the point yet where we need to be worried about ice storms, etc. So take the time now to have an experienced heater repair man service your system and ensure everything is working. At A&A Air in Argyle, TX, we don’t sell levels of service. And the biggest reason is that our customers receive First-Class service every time we show up at their front door. With our preventive maintenance agreement, you can expect notifications when it's time to have your systems serviced, as well as 10% off any parts we find during the maintenance visit and priority scheduling in the unfortunate event your system does break down.


Please contact us for pricing information.


Call A&A Air in Argyle, TX, Today To Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance Service Plan


It can be frustrating when your heater is on the fritz. It’s even more alarming when you know that HVAC companies in Lantana and surrounding communities are a dime a dozen but are often too busy to schedule your service call quickly. At A&A Air, we take your family’s comfort seriously. We know our job inside and out and respond promptly.


All you need to do is give us a call today!


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