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Our  Guide to Massages in Washington DC


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Washington, DC is not only the US capital but is also the political hub of the hemisphere or the world as a whole. It is the one city that every international politician and their attaché, who has connections with the US, will visit at some point; therefore, it’s always abuzz with activity.

So how do all the politicians, execs, and everybody else unwinds in this nonstop buzz? The easy answer is a massage. This has become a trend in most cities, where busy execs take a break to rejuvenate at a spa before resuming the boardroom talk. 

However, execs visit massage parlors; many regular workers, families, etc., have grown to understand and embrace the importance of an occasional good massage. 

Let’s see what type of massage services people in the District of Columbia are drawn to and how expensive they are, which sounds like an oxymoron since this city and it is synonymous with expensive.

Whatever type of massage therapy you seek, you’ll find out if it’s available in this guide to massage in DC.

Massages Around Washington DC

If you're ready for an indulgent treatment from deep tissue massage to hot stone therapy, there are many massage options in DC.

More than 100 salons/spas with licensed massage therapists serve the city with a population of more than 684 thousand. 

From Swedish to deep tissue massage, the selections across the city are vast. Get the tension of the day or weeks emitted from your whole body. 

Revive Massage DC has lovely reviews and is a hop and skip from the Whitehouse in downtown DC. They offer swedish, sports, hot stone, and deep tissue, and couple's massages.

There's a signature massage that clients seem to crave, a combination of Swedish and deep tissue therapy. 

Anyone needing TS massage services will find four locations in the city. Meanwhile, the busy city has no 24-hour massage services.

Glover Park

Both Glover Park and Georgetown share several massage parlors since they are only half a mile apart. Forty of them are accessible to residents and employees from the business district. 

This area is always thriving, and so are the wellness centers and spas, as the United States Naval Observatory and Number One Observatory Circle are right there.

Spa owners realize the need for relaxation in thriving communities and have reacted accordingly by setting various spas in Glover Park and its environs.

Several of the massage and other spa services available in the region are: Chinese Tuina, hot stone massage, Deep tissue, sports massage, and couple and combo massages.

There is also reflexology, Swedish, Thai and many other forms of massage and body therapy.


Georgetown is one of the most vibrant sections of Washington DC where scores of college students hit the dining and club scene at night.

They also take advantage of the 52 massage studios at their disposal, with offerings like foot massage, Thai, Lomi Lomi, reflexology, psychotherapy and wellness, and so much more.


Many of the massage spas are hair salons that offer basic massage services. However, there is a large number of massage services overall in that section of the local area. 

Approximately 90 entities offer massage in Chinatown and its surroundings, including acupuncture salons with experts waiting to rejuvenate you and help you breathe out all the gloominess.

Capitol Hill

Psychotherapy and wellness are among the massage options available in the Capitol Hill area, and that's understandable. After all the intense debates on a daily basis, everyone needs mental and physical resuscitation.

Understandably, some people can't wander too far from their security detail. However, there are some right there on Capitol Hill and a total of around 15 in the vicinity. 

There are many massage options for people to unwind before heading out of the city or entering for meetings or conventions.  

Need a Relaxing Day Out? Try a Couples Massage

The country’s capital is also an excellent place to loosen up and relax, with multiple state of the art massage packages. They are ideal as gifts for partners or your BFF to go and relax with.

If you're reading this section, it means you've been considering a couples massage for some time and wonder where you could go and get one that presents the right atmosphere to let you and your partner unwind.

Couples massage pertains to two people lying alongside each other on different beds, with two massage therapists hovering over them. This city spas have lightly perfumed candles lit and calming background music, like jazz or nature sounds. 

They also use aromatherapy, a variety of Swedish massage that encompasses the use of numerous essential oils. You can either breathe them in or soak them up through your skin.

About 60 spas offer couples massage in the local area.

Take the Stress Off, Mothers: Prenatal and Pregnant Massages

The aches that develop during pregnancy cause tremendous discomfort. Massage treatment is an amazing option to help you with reducing anxiety. Lomi Lomi massage therapists understand pregnancy-specific massage procedures.

There is no specific massage style developed for pregnant women; therefore, what prenatal massage entails is several massage techniques such as Swedish and shiatsu. 

When receiving a pregnancy massage in the local area, the therapist intends for lesser anxiety and relaxed muscles but make sure to talk with your physician first.

The advantages of a prenatal massage comprise back and leg pain mitigation and swelling decrease.  

As blood circulation is enabled, it works with the small massage pressure to get rid of extra fluids accumulated in the legs and feet. This reduces joint pain and improves the range of motion.

Massages for Active Athletes

Sports massage therapy is wonderful for alf athletes, from renowned pro-players to the occasional runner/jogger. 

Sports Massage is a general phrase for three distinct categories of massage related to competitive performance. They involve hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, and trigger point therapy.

Pre-event sports massage is performed to help prevent severe athletic trauma; post-event sports massage helps lessen the swelling, decreases cramp and prevents waste build-up and maintenance sports massage is done weekly to diminish the development of scar tissue and stimulate flexibility and range of motion.

All sports massage aims to maximize an athlete’s performance. The techniques will enable the massage therapist to accomplish the utmost needed outcome for the athlete.

Depending on the level of massage you need and the caliber facility, you choose sports massage therapy in this city can range from affordable to costly at 80 facilities.

Lymphatic Massages

Lymphatic drainage is a variety of massage created that will facilitate the normal drainage of the lymph, which carries matters away from the body's tissues.

About 40 salons offer lymphatic massage in DC, and they all come with excellent ratings. Three are specifically focused on this type of massage, so be sure to ask. 

Some do home visits if this is significant to you, and if you have fibromyalgia, a; this type of massage is favorable to you.

Freed Bodyworks Massage in DC is one of the highest-rated spas offering a wide range of services. Their lymphatic massage package is very affordable.

Full Body Massage Therapy

During a full-body massage, sessions typically last a minimum of 50 minutes, enabling the therapist to work over all the substantial sections of the body like the back, shoulders, and limbs.

You have the option to be nude or not for a full body massage in Dallas and to explain any discomfort.

Bear in mind that the massage is most helpful if the essential parts of your body are left unclothe to make the masseuse adequately knead pressure points. 

Just over 100 massage salons offer this incredible service in this city.

From Toes to Heels: Foot Massages

Many people spend a lot of time on their feet on a daily basis. This can leave them feeling super sore or make them limp. Getting a foot massage like reflexology is excellent to stimulate your feet and get the blood flowing smoothly.

It's important, however, to have an expert do the procedure because getting a bad foot massage can heighten the issue or even cause trauma.

Luckily, more than fifty foot massage therapists with excellent ratings are accessible all over DC to get you athletic again. 

Foot massages are acceptable for everyone; however, it is highly helpful to people with certain underlying conditions like diabetes.

Foot massage enhances your circulation, which boosts healing and maintains your muscle health. That's crucial if you have health problems that cause bad circulation or nerve damage.

Thai Massages: Well-known Techniques

Thai massage is a sought-after massage technique due to its multiple benefits. More than 39 massage salons in DC offer that type of therapy, all with great critiques.

Thai massage is an age-old massage procedure with many benefits that are supported by popular science. 

It may lessen the headaches, reduce joint and lower back soreness, improve your elasticity, steady your tense areas, and stimulate your mind. 

Thai massage isn't a delicate therapy. While it is a tremendous massage, it is not suitable for everyone, mainly if you have an underlying circumstance. Therefore, please ask your physician before attempting this massage routine.

In-Home and Mobile Massages

Many massage parlors across the country's cities are adopting the vision of mobile massage service as the need for in-home massage services grow.

This therapy service category brings massage to the next level by disbursing mobile equipment to carry the amenity of a massage straight to a client's home or business. Twelve parlors all over the city already offer this service, and most of them have stellar ratings. 

Overall, you should bear in mind that all massage therapy techniques do not benefit everyone, primarily if they have an underlying condition or pregnant. 

It is best to ask your physician before deciding on a procedure. Enjoy your special massage in DC.