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Pastor Cal Roberson's Extraordinary Mission

An open letter to readers

My life has been anything but ordinary. I was born and raised in Southern Virginia in a poor family. I would say we struggled a great deal, but we didn’t know because everyone in our neighborhood was poor. We thought that was the norm.

Unlike a lot of my friends, I didn’t have the advantage of a father who was involved in my life. My dad was present until he passed, but he was disabled for as long as I can remember and didn’t emotionally engage with us kids. I do believe he loved us in his own way. It’s just that you can only give to others what you know or have experienced yourself. He didn’t have the fathering skills to pass on to us.

I was, however, blessed in that there were men in my life from whom I received very positive input. For instance, my grandfather (we called him Pawpaw), was a very positive influence during my formative years. I remember that he would always tell my brothers to bring me inside the house if he felt I was around the wrong element. I would see one of them coming to get me and would curse, under my breath of course. I would never say a cross word to him.  He was larger than life to me!

I would begrudgingly amble into his room. I would sit at his bedside, since he was battling illness. He would sit up, point his bony finger at me and sternly say, “You’re a special boy! There’s something special inside you and you’re going to be different from those kids outside.” I didn’t completely understand what he meant at the time, but I did eventually.   

Years later, his encouragement came in handy. Contrary to what my Pawpaw said, my high school guidance counselor had a different opinion of my future.  She told me that I didn’t have what it took to go to college and should consider construction or welding. Thankfully, Pawpaw had equipped me well with self-confidence and value. Even though he had long passed, I remembered his words. I applied to three colleges and was accepted to two.

A master’s degree and doctoral studies later, I’ve enjoyed a pretty great career and I believe I’ve proved my “guidance” counselor wrong. I’ve pastored successful churches in numerous cities, have been a Wall Street executive, a dean of arts and a Regional VP, while all the time counseling couples about their relationships.

Roswell has been home to me and my wife for almost three years and we have been proud Georgians for nearly 13. We and our three kids have all made Roswell our home. My life and career have taken me all over the world, yet I’m still the same little shirtless country boy at heart.

I’ve also been privileged to reach literally millions of relationships through the number one show on Lifetime TV, Married at First Sight. I consider this a labor of love for Wendy and me. I have also begun a non-profit called Mentouring Manhood. The goal is to help men fully learn the lessons of manhood and become better fathers, husbands, and sons. 

Instagram: @IamCalvinRoberson  @mentouringmanhood

Facebook: @Calvinroberson