Dear Santa Paws...

A kitten's wish list this holiday season

Dear Santa Paws, it’s that time of year

When I ask for a wish, so lend me your furry ear.

I’ve tried to be good, yes, I really have tried.

For a special request, I can’t keep inside.

I’ve heard of a place, it’s The Happy Cat Hotel,

Where feline dreams come true, oh, what a tail to tell!

In suites like “Weekend in Purris” I’d rest my head,

Under the Eiffel Tower, I’d snooze in my bed. 

There’s a “Serengeti Kitty,” with sunbeams so bright,

Where I’d stretch out and bask in the warm, dappled light. 

In “Waikikitty,” the beach is so near,

I’d chase seashell treasures, with no need to fear.

In “Cleocatra’s” suite, fit for royalty I’m sure,

Filled with toys and treats, my happiness would be ensured.

With a spa for pampering, I’d gleam, just like a shining star.

Santa, this wish is my dearest desire by far.

So, Santa, my wish, my heart’s fervent plea,

Is to stay at The Happy Cat Hotel, oh, can it be?
I promise to purr and to be on my best.

I’ll even share treats with your reindeer as my guests.

With purrs and whiskers, I send you this letter,

In hopes that my Christmas wish gets even better.

With love and meows,

Your favorite kitten, 


Along with their individually themed rooms (Don't worry, your cats can stay together!), The Happy Cat Hotel in Johns Creek is a custom-built, cat-only boarding oasis. Designed to appease the most finicky of felines, their staff can take care of your cat's special needs with a variety of additional services available. Don't worry — daily brushing, playing, and affection by professional staff are always included! The Happy Cat Hotel also features a full cat day spa! Book an appointment with or without a room reservation today!

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