Dear Younger Me

Two successful women offer words of wisdom to beloved young ladies just starting out in life

Polly White, to her granddaughter

My lovely Madi,

This is a quote from one of my speeches to female businesspeople: “As an adult, I have learned not to hold much significance in what others think of me. If I am good with my God and with myself, that is enough. We both have high standards.”

I am not saying that we don’t care about people. We care deeply, but we do not let other people’s opinions dictate the vision and values we hold for ourselves. In today’s social-media-influenced, fake-and-filtered world, you need to develop your own mantra. What are the guiding principles that will help you navigate your future?

Madi, you are a beautiful spirit, and a child of our Lord. Hear His voice. I understand it is difficult to stand apart as a youth, to see beyond what others tell you. I pray you find His truth for you and then own it.

I love you,
Miss Polly

Polly White owns and manages seven Gather coworking locations in Virginia along with her husband, Doug. workatgather.com 

Barb Lamb, to her daughter

To my lovely daughter Vivian!

Life is such an amazing journey and every challenge allows you to build character. Use your God-given talents to overcome every obstacle. You are smart, funny, hard working, diligent, and most of all, kind. Your inner beauty shines so bright. Travel this gorgeous world, collect friends everywhere you go, make an effort to stay in touch. Live in others' shoes by showing respect in all situations, be generous with your time, over-tip, don’t complain, and give your compassion freely. Oh, and please, protect that Irish skin with sunscreen!

I love you,

Barb Lamb is a speaker, problem solver and marketing professional who "takes an idea and makes it into a successful business." theapplecartcompany.com

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