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Dear Younger Self

Glassybaby founder, Lee Rhodes, Looks Back and Gives Thanks

Dear Younger Self:

First of all, this is a thank you letter: thank you for being you, the person who has become me! Along the way I’ve learned many things that I wish I knew when I was your age — too many to count. So the first thing I want to tell you is: slow down a little. Take time to reflect and plan. Take risks that may lead to mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes.

One mistake I always used to make was comparing myself with people: beautiful women in magazines, people who seemed successful and perfect… It took me a long time to learn that those people are more than the image that they show you. They struggle, too. You don’t need to be like the person you think they are — you need to be you.

And when you’re you, the truest you, then you are able to tell your story. There’s an authentic story in your heart, and even though only you can tell it, it will resonate with other hearts, and help them grow. That’s what people want: underneath all of the beauty and money and social status, people want their hearts to resonate with others, and to grow. That’s why your story is the key to your success.


Lee Rhodes is the founder of Glassybaby, the colorful hand-blown glass cups that often are purchased not only for decoration, but to commemorate life events: births, deaths, struggles, separations and triumphs.  Founded in 2001, along with the Glassybaby Foundation, which receives a donation from each Glassybaby purchase to provide hope and healing to people, animals, and our planet.  What started in Seattle, Washington, has since expanded through the Seattle area, and further.  Stop by the Eastside location in Bellevue on Main Street.