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Deborah Ann's Takes Center Stage

The new space that's got everyone talking

Article by Ashley Alt

Photography by New Light Creative Services

Originally published in Ridgefield Lifestyle

Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe, Ridgefield’s long-time local treasure, has relocated to the center of town, settling into a much larger, much brighter space that they now call home. Nestled front and center on Ridgefield’s iconic Main Street, the new space allows for more seating, more ice cream, and more fun.

“It’s been a lot of work with the renovation, but I’m glad to see it all come together,” Deborah, the Shoppe’s co-owner, said. 

For those needing an introduction, Deborah Ann’s was founded by husband and wife duo Mike Grissmer and Deborah Ann Backes in 1998, starting out with their own homemade chocolates and later making their own premium ice cream. 

“That was when our first child was born,” Deborah said. “So it’s impossible to forget the year we opened.”

A significant factor that differentiates Deborah Ann’s from other ice cream shops is the fact that their ice cream is made in-house using fresh dairy from Upstate Farms, a co-operative of family farms in upstate New York, which pledges not to treat their cows with growth hormones. With a multitude of ice cream flavors ranging from birthday cake, butter pecan, cherry vanilla and rum raisin to chocolate custard, maple walnut, strawberry and pistachio, there truly is something for everyone to lap up and enjoy.

Currently carrying a whopping total of 56 different ice cream flavors, the Shoppe also offers alternative options such as frozen yogurt, sorbet, coconut-based ice cream and dairy free ice cream.

Deborah Ann’s has been adored by both Ridgefield’s and surrounding town’s sweet treat lovers, from toddlers to teenagers to adults, with the team’s enthusiasm for the new space obvious. You’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Their original space was located next door to the Ancient Mariner restaurant in the Ridgefield Shopping Center. Thereafter, they moved to Main Street’s iconic corner with the big cow laden on the sidewalk, ready to be sat on by passersby to enjoy their ice cream, chocolate, or old school candy bar. 

The more expansive and eye-catching space, still with the cow out front, houses everything delicious the original space held — just in a more Willy Wonka-entranced, captivating way. When you walk through the front doors, your eyes may widen and your jaw may drop, as you take in the 1950s’ style decor a la the red glitter bar stools on the “ice cream side,” and rainbow-colored everything on the left hand side, including colorful swirl lollipops and a vibrant, luminescent light fixture above the stairs. 

That’s another new development from the original space — an additional level. With the additional level also came an elevator, located on the far left side of the top floor, right next to the cash wrap. This makes for quick up and down runs staff may need to make, as well as those needing wheelchair accessibility — something Deborah emphasized she is particularly pleased about.

The entire shoppe is designed for customers to have a hands-on, interactive experience while they “ooh and ahh” at the abundance of delectable treats, from decadent chocolate-covered pretzels and homemade specialty fudge to sprinkled ice cream sandwiches and gift-packaged candy. 

The exterior of Deborah Ann’s got an upgrade, too, equipped with a picturesque front patio with rod-iron tables and chairs for customers to enjoy their ice cream. There is also a smaller back patio, which patrons can access from the parking lot behind the shoppe or through the door on the bottom level. 

They also have an app, aptly named Deborah Ann’s, where customers can place orders for pickup — for those times you don’t feel like waiting in line (or your chocolate craving is getting the best of you), you can choose from the app-selected menu items including hand scooped ice cream, soft serve ice cream, hand spun milkshakes, fruit smoothies, frozen drinks and more. 

Deborah mentions the team whips up seasonal flavors to reflect the weather changes and highlight the holidays, and encourages customers to be on the lookout for early Spring flavors including strawberry chocolate ice cream and carrot cake. Ice cream cakes will be available soon!  Yum and yum.

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PHONE: 203.438.0065

'The entire shoppe is designed for customers to have a hands-on, interactive experience while they “ooh and ahh” at the abundance of delectable treats.'