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Deck the Doors

Decorate your front porch this holiday season to spread the Christmas cheer

The holiday season is just around the corner, and although things look a bit different this year, it’s still exciting to decorate your front porch to help ring in the season! I think most people welcome the holidays because it means cooler weather and it’s something to look forward to in these crazy times. Although holiday gatherings might look a little different this year, we are excited for the opportunity to create meaningful memories. Home is the backdrop for these gatherings, and we are here to help you create a porch to welcome in family, friends, and the holidays.

Your porch is the first thing your guests see when they pull up to your house, so of course, it’s nice to make a good first impression. The nice thing about decorating your porch is you don’t have to worry about untangling hundreds of tiny little white lights. Just grab some garland, a wreath, and maybe a couple of trees or logs and you are decking the halls!  

Dreaming of a White Christmas

            Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in warm Arizona? Bring the winter wonderland to your front porch! Adding frosted garland and wreaths with white twinkling lights can transform your porch into a snowy dream. Lanterns with candles and frosted trees will help set the tone for this winter wonderland.

Style Tip: Add layers of trees and other festive accents to give your space dimension. Don’t be afraid to layer a doormat with a decorative rug to add more texture and holiday cheer.  

Cabin in the Woods

Whether you are staying in Gilbert for the holidays or you’re dreaming of a white Christmas in your cabin up North, we can help up your holiday curb appeal. My parents have a wonderful mountain getaway in Payson, Arizona and we love to go antiquing! Adding personal touches to your porch will make it uniquely yours.

Style Tip: Mixing organic elements like dried birch wood and an antique copper bucket bring in the rustic feels. Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new to add character to your porch.

Simply Green

            If you like the clean or minimalist look, the key is green. Simply add a wreath and some garland to your porch to ring in the season. Faux greenery adds color and texture to help your home feel festive this season. Garland is a timeless piece of Christmas décor that can transform any space.

Style Tip: Make sure you give your garland some TLC! Whether you just bought it, or are pulling it out of a box, make sure you fluff it before you hang it. Spread the needles and branches away from the main wire to make your garland full and beautiful.

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