Deck the halls: 3 ways

With Megan Gensky Interiors

“Modern Winter Wonder”

This neutral holiday set-up creates the perfect vignette for a collection of holiday decorative trees. The garland that drapes over the sides of the buffet creates a relaxed, yet full and beautiful setting to draw your eye into the grouping of glass trees. The oversized ornaments on the garland add a hint of interest and dimension. The finishing touch of the sprinkle snow brings it all together and gives the holiday set up the soft and natural feel of a true winter’s day.

How to:

To create this look, use lightly flocked garland on each end with layered pieces of pine and other neutral greenery picks. For the ornaments, use hand blown glass ornaments or fairly light weight oversized ornaments so they don’t weigh down your garland. For the glass tree set up, you can use bottle brush trees or a mixture of glass trees and bottle brush trees or any collection you have and group them together at staggered heights. To establish height, use white foam or a white box under the pieces you need elevated before covering in the sprinkle snow. To finish it all off, cut pieces of a wired 1-inch ribbon or glitter garland to create the movement in your garland.

“Here comes St. Nick”

This warm holiday display creates the perfect traditional balance of neutral greenery with a subtle touch of red. The oversized pinecones break up the pine garland and give this traditional set up scale and interest. The final touch of the red velvet bell ribbon ties the Santa artwork into this whole piece.

How to:

To create this look, use a hardy base garland and layer lots of pine over it. To add scale and interest, layer in neutral ornaments paired with the large sugar pinecones. To top it all off, weave in a traditional red velvet ribbon to create the warm tones of the season.

“Cheery Christmas!”

Using lots of red, black and white, this holiday set up creates the perfect balance between fun and classy. The mixture of sizes and patterns on the ribbons gives this garland a unique flair that your best friend won’t have.

How to:

To create this set up, layer magnolia picks or swags over a base garland piece. To create the groupings of color against the greenery add in different neutral and red colors and sizes of ornaments. Wire in different sizes and patterns of ribbons to create whimsy holiday fun. Lastly, create your focal point with different staggered heights of trendy Santas or nutcrackers mixed with different ornaments.

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